Hard drives for your pocket

Portable hard drives, in all their pocket-size splendor, now pack in plenty of storage space. Capacities up to 500GB (plus a 1TB network-attached option) and a veritable candy store of colors make choosing a portable hard drive fun.

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<h2>Clickfree Portable Backup</h2> <br><br> Storage Appliance is on to something with this product. This drive is for anyone who finds backing up a chore, and wants to just plug in a device and be done with it. Okay, well, maybe Clickfree Portable Backup isn't quite that easy, but it's pretty close. Connect this $180, 320GB USB drive (also available in 120GB and 250GB capacities, in black and red, respectively) to your Windows-based PC, and it will back up your data files, including your music, movies, pictures, and e-mail. The drive supports up to 350 file types, right down to your Web browser bookmarks. You can opt to configure some basics, or just let the drive do everything &#8212; your choice. The drive can safeguard up to 20 PCs, and it does its backups incrementally (meaning that it does a full backup the first time, and then on subsequent occasions finds the new files and backs those up). Restoration is simply a matter of pressing the Restore button; the drive's built-in software will then return data to its original location.

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