When bosses go bad: The worst video-game bosses of all time

We stick the boot into gaming’s worst bosses; from the laughably limp to unfairly hard.

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Metroid Prime — Metroid Prime (Nintendo, GameCube, 2002)

When a game is named after its final boss, you know he’s going to be pretty badass. Metro Prime was no exception. After facing off against the penultimate Meta Ridley, we didn’t think Samus’ first GameCube outing could possibly get any harder. How wrong we were. The titular Metroid Prime is easily one of the toughest game bosses of all time, and a bit of a pain in the bum to boot. We especially despise his first form, which requires you to use colour-coded laser beams to land any damage. As if that’s not bad enough, some of his attacks temporarily blind you, which is the cheapest trick in the book.

Much like Mutoid Man, the battle is so overwhelmingly difficult that it sucks all enjoyment out of the experience. Many a gamer has hung up his or her controller at the gates of victory; never to complete their mission after coming so tantalisingly close. Beating Metroid Prime requires lots of patience and more than a little luck — two factors that do not belong in any FPS game. Metroid Prime was so infuriatingly tough, that it completely put us off playing Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

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When bosses go bad: The worst video-game bosses of all time

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