World's most outrageous PC cases

We have PCs packed into pianos, barbecue grills, gas pumps, and whisky bottles--and that doesn't even scratch the surface. Check out these 20 wild, working pieces of PC art.

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<h2>Frank Macon's John Deere Gas Pump</h2><br><br> The John Deere Gas Pump is a pure Americana special from Missouri-based modder Frank Macon. His mod was a weekly winner during ExtremeTech's 2007 Case Mod Contest. <br><br> Macon's gas-pump PC sports a 1.83GHz AMD Athlon processor and 512MB of RAM. The pump has green LED fans to match the John Deere color scheme, and--to give the mod a dose of realism--Macon turned the gas pump's handle into the on/off switch. Pull the handle forward to give your computer some gas; pull it back, and the computer shuts down.
At ExtremeTech, you can find more [[xref:,1558,2163078,00.asp|John Deere PC photos|Case Mod Contest 2007: The Second Winner]], and a limitless supply of other awesome case mods. <br><br> <b>Photo:</b> Frank Macon, via ExtremeTech

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