The 20 most innovative games ever made

20 titles that changed video gaming forever

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<h2>[[xref:|#18: Dance Dance Revolution|Dance Dance Revolution]] </h2><br><br> <b>Platform: Arcade</b><br><br> <b>Year: 1998 </b><br><br> Original review score: Not Reviewed <br><br> Dance Dance Revolution was (and is) a massive hit in its own right. But the real innovation in DDR lies in one simple fact: it paved the way for the entire music game genre and, by extension, the world domination of Guitar Hero. <br><br> Why It Was Innovative: <br><br> Before [[xref:|DDR|Dance Dance Revolution]], music-based videogames were a virtually unknown niche genre. But DDR changed all of that with its patented "dance platform" that enabled players to bust a move instead of busting their thumbs on a typical game pad. Part jukebox, part karaoke machine, DDR's gameplay consisted entirely of bouncing and stomping to a musical rhythm. Because the game didn't rely on twitchy gaming skills, DDR quietly opened videogames to an entirely new demographic: everyone. This approach was later refined and mastered by the [[xref:|Guitar Hero|Guitar Hero]] franchise, but Konami deserves the nod for originally pioneering and popularizing the concept.

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