Under the radar games: the 29 best upcoming games you've never heard of

What about all the smaller games that are cool but aren't exactly household game brands?

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[[xref:http://www.gamepro.com/games/xbox360/160935/magnacarta-2/|Magnacarta 2|Magnacarta 2]]

For: Xbox 360

With Magnacarta 2, there's a few things you should know right off the bat. First, it's technically the third game in this cult-hit RPG series. Second, you need to know that it's got some of the best damn artwork we've seen, and that's just the stuff on paper. Lastly, the extra two years it's been in development looks like it's paying off. During our test run of developer SoftMax's niche title, we found ourselves strangely addicted to the Star Ocean-inspired active turn-based combat system. As we ran around a lush, emerald green mountain forest, we'd occasionally get into scuffles with mutant wolves, which let us try out the new combat system that already outclasses its predecessor. Awesome battle transitions? Check. No loading times? We didn't see any. Incredible chain attacks? This game's got 'em, and they're fun (but tricky) to pull off. Magnacarta's only been really popular with Korean gamers, but we're hoping this slick-looking RPG doesn't get buried alongside the fall lineup later this year -- it's almost too pretty to go unnoticed. --McKinley Noble ([[xref:http://twitter.com/KenTheGreat1|Follow me on Twitter here!|Mckinley Noble (KenTheGreat) on Twitter]])

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