Tech toys from the 1990s

Geek chic of years gone by isn't so cool today, as technology races on.

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<h2>Your PDA First Love </h2><br><br> In 1998, e-mail in your pocket was reserved for a precious few tech elite. All-in-one smart phones and the CrackBerry epidemic were yet to come. But the Palm Pilot , the coolest electronic address book and calendar we'd ever seen, was in the pocket or purse of every self-respecting geek. In 1996, 3Com 's 5.7-ounce Palm Pilot 1000 boasted 128KB of storage and could hold 500 names and addresses. Later editions added e-mail and Internet connections. Today, RIM's popular BlackBerry Curve model packs 64MB and holds more than 2,000 contacts.

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Tech toys from the 1990s

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