The 10 worst video game systems of all time

You won't find many fanboys for these consoles, which unite terrible graphics with lousy games and underpowered hardware. Oh yeah--and some were obscenely overpriced, too!

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<h2>6. Gakken TV Boy</h2><br><br><b>Year released:</b> 1983<br><br>In 1983, Japan experienced a boomlet in home-grown game consoles, among which was this oddity, the Gakken TV Boy. Not too long after the TV Boy's brief flowering, the [[xref:|Nintendo Famicom|Inside Nintendo's Classic Game Console]] (the Japanese NES, also released in 1983) became a stunning success and swept most of its competitors out of the marketplace. <br><br><b>Signature problems:</b> Awkward, T-shaped joystick built into main unit (the handle on the left side was not detachable; it was designed for the user to grip while playing, to help stabilize the system). Small library of bad games.<br><br><b>Redeeming features:</b> Its quirky design has plenty of charm.

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The 10 worst video game systems of all time

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