Must-have iPhone business apps

Maybe on your next business trip you’ll be able to leave that hulking ultraportable laptop behind

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<h2>FlightTrack Pro</h2><br><br><b>Publisher:</b> Mobiata<br><br><b>Price:</b> $9.99<br><br><b>Travel</b><br><br>Frequent fliers know what a hassle it is to keep track of delayed flights, botched reservations, and annoying last-minute gate changes. The [[xref:|FlightTrack Pro|FlightTrack Pro]] app checks FAA airport delays and closures, airport arrival times, and temperature, and it tracks your flights worldwide. <br><br>FlightTrackPro will also check for your gate numbers and flight cancellations, and search alternative schedules. For each flight, enthusiasts can view the aircraft type, speed, and altitude. <br><br>To get started with FlightTrack Pro, you just forward your airline confirmation e-mail to The app takes over from there, and your flight itinerary will automatically appear in your FlightTrack Pro account. For less-frequent fliers, a cheaper ($4.99), more-basic version of [[xref:|FlightTrack|FlightTrack]] is available.

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Must-have iPhone business apps

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