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In the summer of 2006, Jade Raymond was introduced to the wider gaming community as lead producer on Ubisoft’s [[artnid:198154|Assassin’s Creed|Review: Assassin's Creed]]. As evidenced by the photo above, she happens to be an attractive female.

Her image was subsequently wallpapered across every games magazine on the planet in a shameless attempt to cash in on gamers’ baser instincts (i.e. “a hot chick made this game — buy it!”) And it gets worse. A pornographic comic surfaced on [[xref:|]] starring Jade and a bunch of horny gamers — complete with full-frontal nudity and copious money shots. It was supposed to be satire, apparently.

Ubisoft responded with a string of increasingly irate lawsuits targeting anyone who dared to publish the offending strip. In other words, they tried to sue the Internet. Predictably, this caused a Streisand Effect that saw the comic explode like a gooey geyser all over the Web. When the dust settled, nobody was left with their dignity intact — least of all gamers, who were made to look like a bunch of sexually frustrated losers. Again.

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