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<h2>2. When Cosplay Goes Bad: The Halo 3 Kid</h2><br><br>We were originally going to put this guy in our <i>Coolest Moments in Gaming</i> list. Sure, he might be a 90-pound weakling with a creepy Halo obsession, but damn if that kid ain’t got talent! We defy anyone to make a better assault rifle out of cardboard and bits of cellophane &#8212; with a removable magazine no less. Mark our words, Halo Kid will be an effects maestro in Bollywood by the time he’s 21.<br><br>Unfortunately, his incessant tea-bagging of invisible enemies has tipped him over into the Geek list. Corpse-humping does not exist in this dojo. Check out the full video below.<br><br>
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