The Web browser turns 15: A look back

Here is a look back at 15 years of wars, lawsuits, and standards the Web browser has brought us.

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<h2>May 18, 1998</h2><br><br>Feds sue Microsoft over bundled browser (May 18, 1998): The U.S. Justice Department filed an [[xref: http:/|antitrust case| Microsoft vs. DOJ: The untold story]] against Microsoft alleging that Microsoft abused monopoly power by bundling its Internet Explorer Web browser into its Windows operating system. Working for DOJ, attorney David Boies (shown here) won the trial, and the verdict was upheld on appeal. DOJ reached a settlement with Microsoft in 2001, requiring Microsoft to share its APIs with other companies. Microsoft is required to meet this obligation [[xref:|until November 2009| Microsoft's anti-trust issues continue with DOJ, EU]].<br><br>

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The Web browser turns 15: A look back

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