The Web browser turns 15: A look back

Here is a look back at 15 years of wars, lawsuits, and standards the Web browser has brought us.

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<h2>Jan. 1, 1997</h2><br><br>Opera introduced, targets mobile devices (Jan. 1, 1997): Based in Norway, [[xref: |Internet Opera Software| Opera edges Safari as No. 1 mobile browser. Or does it?]] released its first Web browser for Windows, dubbed Opera 2.1. [[xref:|Opera| Opera CEO defends Unite against security concerns]] has been a minor player in the Web browser market since then; it currently has 1.1% of the market, according to Janco Associates. Version 10 was released on Sept. 1, 2009. Opera Software claims 40 million users on Windows, Mac and Linux machines. Its mobile version — [[xref:|Opera Mini| Opera Mini 5 for BlackBerry: Killer Keyboard Shortcuts]] — claims 30 million users, including many BlackBerry users.<br><br>

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The Web browser turns 15: A look back

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