32 games every Xbox 360 owner must own

From Borderlands to Halo to Mass Effect, GamePro sorts through hundreds of titles to bring you 32 of the best Xbox 360 games that we've seen on the console so far.

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32 Red Faction: Guerrilla

Taking the gameplay of the Red Faction series from its first-person shooter roots to a third person perspective, Red Faction: Guerilla is possibly the first sandbox game to introduce fully destructible environments. We mean fully destructible. As a member of the titular resistance force, your mission to destroy the Earth Defense Force's stranglehold on Mars means smashing a sledgehammer against every building in sight. Thanks to the Geomod 2.0 engine, steel towers and iron monoliths crumble like graham crackers in truly impressive fashion, which only gets better during the 16-player online mode. Add Gears of War-style action with Grand Theft Auto mayhem, and you're looking at one of the best Xbox 360 games around.

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