Back-to-school guide: MP3 players

Five great MP3 players for students

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<h2>[[artnid:318236|Apple iPod Nano (5th generation)]]</h2>
<i>Price: $199</i>

Finally, we arrive at the MP3 player we believe will be the most popular for back-to-school buyers. The Apple iPod Nano is easy to use and stores plenty of music, and has some extra features like video recording.<Br><br> <i>Stay up to date with the latest reviews. Sign up to [[xref:| GoodGearGuide’s Gear Daily newsletters| Register for GoodGearGuide’s Gear Daily newsletters]]</i><br><br><i>Follow GoodGearGuide on Twitter: [[xref:|@Goodgearguide|Follow Goodgearguide on Twitter]]</i>

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Back-to-school guide: MP3 players

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