The 9 best shooters on the iPhone

We take a look at nine of the greatest shooting games available on the iPhone today.

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8 N.O.V.A. - Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance

It's nearly impossible to write about N.O.V.A. without making comparisons to Halo. From the all-too-familiar shotgun, sniper rifle, and assault rifles to the warthog jeep in which one turret mission takes place, Gameloft really isn't even pretending to be making a unique game with this one. They even had the gall to stick a blue A.I. lady named "Yelina" in the main character's armor to give instructions to players.

Don't get me wrong; N.O.V.A. is a joy to play. The slide-to-shoot controls work quite well for their purpose, and the game's five-hour campaign feels fresh straight through to the end. A good combination of mini-games and unique environments (especially in the later parts of the game, where things are taken in a decidedly Metriod-esque direction) make N.O.V.A. well worth its price-tag. There is four-player online multiplayer, but a problem with cheaters and controls not well-suited to the environments make that a part of the game that you're better off ignoring.

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The 9 best shooters on the iPhone

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