Top 10 features that Apple stole from Windows

In the battle between Mac OS X and Windows, here's a reminder of where Microsoft supplied the innovation first

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7. System Preferences: Control Panel

Before Mac OS X, Mac system settings were found in a set of separate files called control panels. Microsoft took the name, but put all the settings in one convenient place. For Mac OS X 10.0 Cheetah, Apple stole Microsoft's idea and called it System Preferences. Unlike the Windows Control Panel, the Mac's System Preferences doesn't open additional windows, and it tends to have a simpler user interface

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You can kindly fuck off. Apple created the graphic user interface 'Lisa' far before Microsoft created their graphic user interface 'Windows'. Steve and Bill were working on programs to run on the Lisa and Macintosh operating systems when Bill decided to take off on his own path and create his own version of the Apple 'Lisa' and 'Macintosh' (now known as OS X) operating systems. Apple is overflowing with creativity and unique traits which, among many have been copied or stolen by Microsoft. I could sit here and name at least 20. Maybe you should make an article called 'Things Microsoft Stole From Apple' instead of this. Jerk.



SMDH Peter. Are you retarded? Xenon invented the GUI WAAAYYYYY before Steve Jobs stole it and took credit. Bill Gates stole NOTHING from Apple. Steve Jobs would literally go through the personal notes and research of his employees, say they did a shitty job and secretly work on their stuff and take ALL the credit for it. Apple employees said that themselves.

"Apple is overflowing with creativity and unique traits..." You must be inbred, because that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. EVERYTHING Apple made was already made by someone else. Jobs didn't innovate in anything. He just made open source software popular.

If he wasn't a thief, why would his FBI file say otherwise?



Microsoft "stole" what Apple "stole" from XEROX parc, you ignorant brat. Why demonize one company and worship another when they are both guilty of being unoriginal? Idiot!

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Top 10 features that Apple stole from Windows

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