Top 10 budget Blu-ray players

Ten cheap Blu-ray players battle it out for the top spot

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<h2>1. [[artnid:270082|Kogan Technologies Blu-ray Player]] (RRP: $199)</h2>
With its $199 price tag, the Kogan Technologies Blu-ray player is the cheapest model on the Australian market. <br><br> There were no problems with colour balance or image tearing and there was none of the jaggedness and aliasing that are apparent with some budget Blu-ray players.<br><br>
All the top-level audio formats can be decoded, from regular Dolby Digital all the way up to DTS-HD. This puts the player ahead of entry-level units from competing companies like Sony and Samsung.<br><br>To top it off, the
Kogan Technologies Blu-ray Player is also impressively fast at reading discs and features region-free playback.
<b>Pros:</b> Clean interface, great picture quality, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD support, great upscaling<br>
<b>Cons:</b> Nothing of note
<br><br><i>[[artnid:270082|Read our full review of the Kogan Technologies Blu-ray Player]]</i>

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Top 10 budget Blu-ray players

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