Top 10 Blu-ray movies / Best looking Blu-ray movies

The ten Blu-ray movies that every videophile must own

Top 10 Blu-ray movies / Best looking Blu-ray movies next


So, you’ve finally splurged out on that brand-spanking HD home theatre to wow your friends with – along with any strangers who happen to pass by your house window. (Try not to stare as they press their noses forlornly to the glass: you’ll only be encouraging them.)
The next step on your road to high-def glory is to stock up on some Blu-ray movies. After all, a home theatre system is only as impressive as the discs you throw at it. (Note: we don’t mean in a Frisbee like manner. That would just be impractical.) Like a [[artnid:340212|supermodel splayed gratuitously over a sports car|Terrible celebrity endorsements: What Lara Bingle, Snoop Dogg and Mr T have in common]], a good Blu-ray movie lends an essential decorative air to your hardware. In some ways, it’s the most important purchase of all.
While all Blu-ray movies share identical 1080p video resolution; some discs are ‘more equal’ than others. Indeed, certain earlier releases barely look any better than a standard-def DVD (<i>Total Recall</i>, we’re looking at you.) A true videophile needs to pick his discs wisely.
In the following slideshow, we take a look at some of the best looking Blu-ray movies currently troubling store shelves. We’ve tried to include films that not only look fantastic, but are also entertaining in their own right. (It’s not <i>all</i> about the eye candy – otherwise you could just watch [[xref:|<i>Transformers 2</i>]] on a loop, forever.)
To make life easier, we’ve also included links to where you can buy each disc online, plus the original theatrical trailers. Truly we are the caliphs of audiovisual dissemination.

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