8 tips for photographing panoramas

Stitching software makes creating big, detailed panoramas from a series of photos easy. Here's how to shoot for the best results.

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<h2>5. Take It Outside </h2><br><br>In shooting a panorama, you can encounter problems with parallax: When you take a photo and turn slightly to capture the next part of the scene, objects close to the lens appear to shift in relation to objects in the background. <br><br>Check out this panorama that I took of an indoor scene--it looks as if I've captured ghost furniture. What's going on? The post and chair appear to have moved left to right compared to the background, as I rotated the camera. That's parallax, and I don't know any way to avoid it. The lesson here is that the best panoramas aren't taken indoors, and they don't have prominent objects in the foreground.

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8 tips for photographing panoramas

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