20 tech habits to improve your life

A few new habits can make the difference between staying on task, finding what you need, and getting things done--or having a tech meltdown.

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<h2>4. Lose Weight, Get Fit, Save Money, and Increase Your Mileage Online</h2><br><br>A new crop of social self-improvement sites help you monitor how much you've eaten, exercised, and spent, to motivate you and keep you on track. <br><br>Web services such as [[xref:http://www.fitday.com/|FitDay|FitDay]] and [[xref:http://www.weightwatchers.com/index.aspx|Weight Watchers|Weight Watchers]] log and guide your diet and fitness regimen. <br><br>If Quicken or Microsoft Money has become too complicated to update, you can track your spending, balance your checkbook, and run charts on expenditures versus income at personal-finance sites [[xref:http://www.mint.com/|Mint.com|Mint.com]] and [[xref:http://www.wesabe.com/|Wesabe|Wesabe]]. <br><br>As for your car, [[xref:http://www.pcworld.com/article/148710/gas_crisis_fuels_dubious_online_offers.html|avoid online gas scams|Gas Crisis Fuels Dubious Online Offers]]. Additionally, you can squeeze the last bit of mileage out of every expensive tank of gas with a miles-per-gallon tracker like [[xref:http://www.fuelly.com/|Fuelly|Fuelly]] or [[xref:http://mymilemarker.com/|MyMileMarker|MyMileMarker]]. Entering your information into such sites gets you personalized suggestions, comparisons, and a community of like-minded people who can offer support and suggestions.

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