In pictures: Ultimate cosplay catastrophes

When cosplay goes bad

In pictures: Ultimate cosplay catastrophes next


Bad cosplay is like watching a bug eat another bug’s face off – it's disgusting, but you can't look away.
In the following slideshow, we take a look at some of the worst examples of cosplaying ever to assault our peepers. Most of these costumes would make a supermodel look bad. [Note: These people are not supermodels.]<br><br>
To really ram the horror home, we’ve included a side-by-side comparison to what each character <i>should</i> look like. Needless to say, most of them are pretty 'wide' of the mark.
But don't fret -- as a soothing balm, we've also included a few beautiful cosplayers on the basis of piddling technicalities. We're nice like that.
<b>[See also: [[artnid:336111|In pictures: The sexiest cosplay girls in the galaxy]]]</b>

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