12 top spy gadgets

Spy gear for your inner secret agent. These cool (and possibly useful) gadgets would dazzle James Bond!

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<b>Aerial Snooping</b><br><br>It looks like a prop from <i>a Batman</i> movie, but [[xref:http://www.walyou.com/blog/2008/03/21/the-army-sponsored-miniature-bat-plane-would-make-batman-proud/|The Bat|The Bat]] (left, not available in stores) is a functioning drone that carries microphones, shoots photos and video, and comes equipped with sensors for detecting poisonous gases and radiation. Only 6 inches wide, it cost US$10 million to develop at the University of Michigan. More down to earth (but still up in the air) is the [[xref:http://www.gadgetshop.com/OutdoorGadgets/OutdoorFun/Spy+Kite/EPN332668|Spy Kite|Spy Kite]] (right, US$46), which lets you snap photos from heights of up to 80 feet and download them to your PC via USB. <br><br>Images: Walyou, GadgetShop

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