10 reasons why PlayStation Network trumps Xbox Live

Why the PSN is better than Xbox Live

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PlayStation Home

PlayStation Home is great and we don't care what anyone says. It's got girls in it and everything.

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This is just ridiculous. Almost all of these are nearly pointless. Seriously? I don't see that "trophies are better than achievements" can seriously be one of your reasons. Retarded post.

And this is coming from a Playstation fanboy.



I agree with Sai. Trophies are an achievement copy paste.... literally. Its the same for all games. Also the avatars are lame..... Well I enjoy the avatar thing. I enjoy customizing them and personalizing my console with the funny animated characters using awards from bonus achievements in games to show off my accomplishments on the console. All those PS exclusives by the way got bought out by Microsoft. Kingdom hearts 1-3 are all being redone on xbox one. ALL of them, even the DS editions and can be bought as one before kingdom hearts 3 comes out. Metal gear is now xbox. The only ones worth it that xbox wont have is the naughty dog games(which aren't that good considering the new tomb raider, minus the last of us there) and killzone games.

Papa Paris


I've shit on all your reasons buddy. Sai is right all your reasons are crap. Just face it GamePro your wrong and your reasons for PSN being better took a huge flop on you.



I'm not saying PSN isn't nice, as I've got both PS3 and 360 and I enjoy both pretty much equally for different reasons, but to say PSN is better based on your reasons is asinine. Not fact checked, not proof-read, and written with such a bias as to remove all credibility. Even editorials, which, most definitely are opinionated, use legitimate facts to back up their opinion. This stuff is inaccurate, and worse, misleading. You fail to mention that PSN was severely hacked, releasing all members (myself included) credit card numbers and names to unknown sources. You fail to mention that PSN doesn't allow for party/private chat, which is HUGE in a gaming scene so abundant with kids yelling and guys who think they're rappers/DJs. You fail to mention that the web browsing experience you tote as an advantage is shoddy to say the least (though Xbox does have a browser now, I think it's equally as crappy). You fail to mention that the download+install process take substantially longer than XBL when comparing the exact same game, not to mention the janky webstore that stutters with simple menu swipes. But most important of all, you fail to mention the lack of centralized game servers and the latency issues that plague many online games.
You might as well have said "PSN doesn't give you cancer like Xbox Live."
You, sir, are a joke.



Playstation is free... that is good news for me. I pay for xbox live service... and well tbh, I will just keep it.. :)



All your reasons are crap. The only good reason, which could be figured out by anyone, is that PSN is free. Other than that this article/slideshow is trash.



Personally I don’t see any of those 11 reasons to be great over achievements over the X-box live! The pricing understandably is a problem for most people but for the reason like Microsoft didn’t get hacked and the system was down for multiple months is why I pay, also as long as I have good Wi-Fi I have yet to lag since I got my X-box 360 about 3 years ago. My best friend has a ps3 and can’t tell you how many times I’ve stopped playing from the amount of lag and his Wi-Fi kicks mine’s ass. PSOne classics I know for a fact VERY FEW people even knew about that feature and even less care about its existence. The avatars being lame, personally I like my avatar and I been shaving for many years lol and everyone I know at least doesn’t mind avatar and if you don’t want to custom they have premade so u click one and never have to deal with again. PSN Plus I don’t see a point of that yeah you get a extra demos and such but why would you pay for that (completely up to you) but I go to most game conventions and browse the internet and stop in the game stop here and there and the game demos, beta testing, and discussions there are are infinite so paying for that makes no personal sense to me.VidZone I guess is kinda cool but I don’t really care for it personally, I don’t spend much time on my game console maybe 3 times a week for a max of 3 hours each time don’t care to see all the music stuff, plus I have hulu, vevo and YouTube if I did. Now the on board Web- Browsing is pretty cool I’ll admit I am envious of it, when I’m over my friends house we use it a lot to watch movies that aren't on Netflix. But we also have our phones so not its groundbreaking technology to access it on your system especially since most smart TVs can access Google without a system hook up. Trophies being better ehhhh, Grabbing the idea and concept of something Microsoft had and changing the name of it doesn't make it better. Now the PSP and PSP GO able to sync with the PSN is pretty cool. Personally for me thou I’m not a portable gamer. If I’m the car I’m usually the driver 99% of the time and if I’m not at home gameing its cuz I'm busy so it doesn't do anything for me personally but like I said that is pretty cool for PSN. Catch-up TV is cool I guess but I don’t get why PSN is shifting the focus from actual game play and features helping it and I have Netflix and a tv with a crap load of channels if I wanted to keep me entertained but I guess if u don’t its cool to have! AND the playstation home is just vastly irrelevant as a subject and crap for an excuse why the PSN is better! Honestly I was expecting actual specifics like who has better processing speeds and back up modems, better plans in case a hack or crash was to happen, how many players each network can support, and if the live network can support all the MMOG’s coming out. Now PSN users can argue their battle cry of we have Blue-Ray but this is absolute crap for a comparison.

Kitsune Honor


I have both an Xbox 360 and a PS3, I've been a loyal Mocrosoft customer for over 6 years while only just recently getting the PS3. So, understand that I am biased towards Xbox, however I will try to remove that and just logic the differences.

The simplest and easiest point for PS3 is free gaming. Its something I heard about way back when PS2 was the coolest Sony product on the block. But, back then, there was nothing to PLAY on that free network that was worth it. Now you can argue that many of the games that one would play on Xbox are on PS3 as well, Ghosts, Black Ops, ect. and the added bonus of FFXIV Onloine, With that said I think the price of Xbox live is not worth the experience in todays gaming age. 1 point PSN

Some games have dedicated servers, while others have users "host" the game and run it from their bandwidth. Although this is a HUGE area of debate for gamers, this is neither PSN or Lives fault. The game is designed to work one way or the other, and ultimately its the design company who is resposible for the final product.

PSN cracks down on reported players far more reliably than Xbox Live. It takes nearly 100 people reporting your NAME for Xbox to force you to change your gamertag. Yet, if you are reported for hacking because you went 25 and 0 in Dust, by 4 people, your account gets banned from the game for a week on PSN. I think that is a half point for PSN, since Microsoft does ban, just not as often.

I have yet to call PSN customer service for anything, so i can't compare them. Maybe another time.

On to the Marketplace/Store! PSN takes this area hands down. While Xbox Market allows you to buy digital copies of the best selling games they have ever had, Xbox included, PSN has ALL the games they have ever had just about. even the bad ones. And some people may think that detracts from the market, but remember that one mans trash is another mans golden age of gaming. The search function for the PSN store is much better than the Search for Xbox, limiting you to letters in titles that actually exist instead of waiting for you to type the whole thing in before telling you no results matched your search. score again for PSN.

Exclusice games like Halo are the REASON Xbox is alive and well. As much as I would love to say I'm not a sell out, I will most likely buy an Xbox 180 at some point, just to play the next halo game. And no matter how BAD a game is, if it has a series name, people will buy it and play it (Sonic 06 got a Platinum Hits, go figure. Though not an exclusive it proves my point). Point Microsoft

All in all, as an old time Xbox fan boy, I felt betrayed this last year, and no amount of 180 changes can erase the fact that Microsoft thought what it was doing was a good idea, 6 years of trust was broken. That said, No ammount off broken trust will make me stop paying for Xbox live either, since I love playing my Xbox exclusive games.

Kitsune Honor


All the rest of the reasons in this slideshow are pretty much Null.
Avatars were on Xbox before Wii, PS copied them in Home.
Achievements were on Xbox before Trophies were on PS, and though I admit that the teirs are cool, I have 1000 gamerscore per game to earn and I can compare that gamerscore to all my friends to see who has earned more.
Xbox allows for private chat and cross game party chat, something that I didn't know PSN lacked since its such an elementry function that I assumed it would be present.
The music Videos and Television that you boast are all available on Xbox.
Counting my above post and the points for Achievements and Chat, Microsoft comes out ahead, and thats not even counting the customer service, which I havnt had the chance to compre yet.
I WILL admit that the free games offered by PSN are a better deal, Bioshock Infinate was among the free games recently, still a $30 game while Dead Island on Xbox is $20 and this trend seems to be rather solid. However, How many Indie games are on PSN? Yeah... thought so.

Sir Stephen


I have always been a gamer. I had a Calecovision(Zaxxon, ET, Tennis), Atari(Asteroids, Star Wars), Nintendo(SMB3, Pebble Beach),Sega Genesis(MK, Sonic, Shadowrun) when I was a kid. When I moved out for the first time I got a PS1. Syphon Filter(my favorite series ever), Grand Torismo, Tekken, were some awesome games.
I bought an Xbox when they went on sale and became a fan right away. I got hooked on playing Halo 2 online with other human players. That was better then learning a glitches. This is when multiplayer took off.
I later modified that Xbox and still to this day was my favorite system (finally broke down last summer). I could store games on my hard drive, check the weather and watch films from the internet with python scripts, and the best of all I could play old Sega, Nintendo and Atari games. This was all with a gen 1 Xbox.
Unfortunately that love made me buy a 360. I ponied up the $700 bucks for a preorder with the wireless adapter(now included in every system) and a few games. That failed within 3 months and they refused to fix it. I wish I would have switched to Sony back then. I had to lie to get them to fix it and then it failed with the red ring after a couple of years. I did the x-clamp fix on that one and two others (they all seem to be holding up still except for one that sometimes red rings until it is reset.) When I opened them up I realized that I did not want to modify my 360. Microsoft mad it way more difficult than the original and alot of what I enjoyed was playing online with real people and I didn't want to get banned so I choose not to.
So I started playing a bunch of multiplayer games. Modern Warfare 2 and 3, Gears of War 2 and 3 (not worth the money of Xbox live for the last ten years), Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2 and some other games for the family. We love the Kinect. My kids use it almost every week. Trust me we paid for it in the and the overpriced games.
I just found out when I went to re-up my account that they no longer offer family accounts. Really? So now I need to pay $240 a year instead of $100. I don't think so. This is the last straw. The main reason I had Xbox Live is to play with people anyway. I can do that on a PS3 for FREE. Anybody that downplays that fact is just in denial and don't want to admit there getting cheated by Xbox live.
I just found a PS3 on sale for around $100. I can get old PS1 games? That is icing on the cake. I get a Blu-ray player and now I get to play baseball this year as well. 2K Sports absolutely killed the Xbox baseball games. Anyone that says Xbox is better just can't admit they are getting screwed out of their money cause their afraid of looking like an idiot. Well I was an idiot. No longer I am done with Xbox live. Most of the people on their are grumpy men with no ambitions in the real world anyway. You should hear what they say to kids in those COD games. It is disgusting. I am hoping to get a better class of people with my new PS.

PSN Sucks


This gamepro staff member should be fired. This person has also obviously never played online using XBox Live. Everyone I've encountered who says PSN is better say so never having tried Live. Simple as that. Even with PSN being free, I would rather pay for XBox Live simply because the online gaming experience is better, and not marginally better...a lot better.

To those kids complaining about XBox Live users....stop being a little B****. I know it's hard but you can do it if you put your mind to it.



You can browse the web on Xbox for free now. And recent massive update in which Microsoft made all the entertainment apps free.
Right now, Xbox live gold is purely only for gaming. All other features are free now.



Private chat and parties are on PSN, just no one uses them. :/ Idk why though, it's in the friends list tab...



And every time I have play Xbox Live there are hackers in every game online, where I have yet to come across hackers in the same game on PSN. -_-

Wrong PSN


Private chat and parties are not on PSN. These are two (audio chat) features of Xbox Live that you can use WHILE playing a game, any game, even if it's different from the game being played by your friends in chat with you. PSN does not allow that.

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10 reasons why PlayStation Network trumps Xbox Live

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