The world's worst PowerPoint presentations

Yes, people who think that it's okay to put 100 graphs on one slide do exist. Learn from these examples how not to make PowerPoint slides for your next big meeting.

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Slides With Ads—Are They Clickable?

What’s worse than using generic Microsoft clip art in a [[xref:|PowerPoint presentation|Office XP Tips: Put PowerPoint Presentations on the Web]]? Using a Web banner ad as the top image across all of the slides—that’s what. The creator of this presentation about a “[[xref:|snoring solution|Social Media Primer Part 5 - from the SMinOrgs S.M.A.R.T. Blog]]” didn’t even bother to crop off the “Special Offer: Order Now” part of the graphic (which looks as though it were made to run on Yahoo Chat pages, circa 1999).

Hey, we’re all for blatantly touting your Website during a PowerPoint presentation (though you really should limit your self-promotion to the first or last slide—not both—or you may induce shill fatigue), but decorating a presentation with your company’s online banner ads is pretty cheesy.

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The world's worst PowerPoint presentations

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