10 games you probably don't know about but should

How many great games have you not played yet this year? Check out our roundup of 2010's best video games that you might have missed.

10 games you probably don't know about but should prev next


<h2>Toki Tori</h2><br><br><b>The Scoop:</b> [[xref:http://www.tokitori.com/en/pc/introduction/|Toki Tori|Toki Tori]]; By: Two Tribes B.V.; For: Windows<br><br>Toki Tori involves a wide-eyed, telewarping chicken who has to round up pilfered eggs, using special powers. The version pictured here is actually the Windows remake of a 2001 Game Boy Color game, its chief virtue being a few extra bonus levels and the same enhanced visual touchup given the 2008 Wii version. The reason you've probably never heard of Toki Tori--and the reason to give this clever little puzzle game a try--is that it originally arrived just as Game Boy Advance hit the scene, stealing the spotlight. <br><br><b>Also Try:</h2><br><br>[[xref:http://www.pcworld.com/article/197142/20_sizzling_summer_video_games.html|20 Sizzling Summer Video Games|20 Sizzling Summer Video Games]] <br><br>[[xref:http://www/pcworld.com//article/205284/whats_hot_in_falls_coolest_games.html|What's Hot in Fall's Coolest Games|What's Hot in Fall's Coolest Games]]<br><br>And for more game news, visit <i>PC World's</i> games blog, [[xref:http://www.pcworld.com/blogs/id,57/game_on.html|Game On|Game On]], or follow the blog on [[xref:http://twitter.com/game_on|Twitter|Twitter Game On]].

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10 games you probably don't know about but should

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