A ghost-hunter's tech toolkit

Before you start the next great poltergeist hunt, check out our skeptical look at what ghost-hunting gadgets supposedly reveal.

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<h2>Full-Spectrum Digital Camera and Camcorder </h2><br><br>If you want to try to take a shot of your spooky friend, you need a digital camera or camcorder [[xref:http://www.theghosthunterstore.com/camera.html|modified to capture full-spectrum photos|theghosthunterstore.com]]. This is how ghost hunters claim to take photos of apparitions in infrared and UV light spectra. Apparitions appear as opaque orbs, mist, or smoke&#8212all of which can be explained by normal camera tricks. The reflection of rain can create orbs in a photo, as can dust on the camera lens or reflections off of unnoticed shiny surfaces.<br><br>Image: Courtesy of [[xref:http://www.theghosthunterstore.com/camera.html|The Ghost Hunter Store|The Ghost Hunter Store]]

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A ghost-hunter's tech toolkit

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