10 reasons to hate PC gamers

PC gamers: who needs 'em?

10 reasons to hate PC gamers next


10 reasons to hate PC gamers

Just how do we hate PC gamers? Let us count the ways...

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I am a pc gamer, and i have to say, this is BS,

10 no we are not elitist twats, we just have a better system for gaming.
9) I do not participate in e-sports but if i ever do it will probably be to win a prize.
8) Ok yeah piracy is a problem but not every pc gamer pirates
7) Theres more to the pc gaming realm than just the 12 year olds in their parents basements. Theres people who have an ACTUAL LIFE that game casually. Not all of us are a bunch of fat people playing MMORPGs
6) We do not spend much time in BIOS. When we build a computer sure we go into Bios a couple times but when we optimize it, we usually never go back there unless we replace parts. Hell i barely spent 15 minutes in bios for the life of my computer (4 Years)
5) Sure some of us have a lot of money, but that doesnt mean that we are a bunch of elitist twats. You probably threw that in because you are jealous.
4) I hate MMORPGs, and frankly not as many pc gamers play them as you think. Plus they are on your shitty consoles too.
3) No we are not always complaining. It doesnt matter if you are on a pc or not, if you buy a game and it turns out to be shit, like everything after call of duty world at war, you probably would get mad that you bought it and that the devs turned it into crap,
2) Thats only one of us who made that. Jeez.
1) L33Tspeak is on Xbox and PS too.



Console's are for little girls



Actually I prefer consoles.

I used to play pc games all the time, I stopped playing due to people getting easy access to hacks. This ruined my gaming experience, as I like to play genuine. Sure people hack on consoles, but it's extremely rare and they're actually dealt with swiftly. Almost every game is steam supported, majority of the time steam is acting up. Since 2009 they have had an issue with cdf files and guess what? it's 2013 and the problem still exists.
I have a gaming pc and numerous consoles, I can certainly afford the power on pc gaming. Controllers are far more superior when it comes to fps games, which seems to have been at its prime the last few years.
Now I don't hate pc gamers in general, I hate the fact pc gamers have such easy access to hacks that generally ruin pc gaming altogether. The funny thing is, I actually don't hear anyone bagging out pc gamers when I play on console...yet it's always the other way around.

That's my opinion, don't like it? then suck a lemon.



Who does this simpleton think he is. It's quite obvious he is a little bit jealous. Such a biased idiot.

1. PC's last ;longer than stupid consoles.

2. We don't moan, I mean how can we when we got a PC and not some little wooden piece of junk called an xbox. AND your actually the little bitcch moaning...

3. More money than sense? WHat an absolute twat. I saved up years for my beast which only cost me 1,000 euro. And look who is talking. Anyone who buys a console has already lost their sense. Getting a PC was well worth it than my stupid xbox 360. I got banned everytime I renewed my membership for 12 months of xbox live and I never got my money back and I have no way of contacting the pricks.



I own a pc xbox 360 ps3. I quit playing on councils because simply put its a cheap pc. Xbox rapes you with there monthly memberships, ps3 network sucks, but its free. The graphics makes your eyes bleed. And the lag is horrible. I would play cod,gears of war, Forza motor sports, mass effect, the list goes on. My pc has a r9 290 it is four times more powerful than Xboxone , and three times ps4, graphics. My i5 3570k is four times more powerful than the cpu's in these new councils. So i have a brain and i like to build my own rig. Any idiot can buy a council!



Jackel I am should someone with a "brain" can spell console and not council.



Who ever wrote this you are a fag. I PC and console game and I think that PC is better then the junk you call a "Xbox 360" or "PS3", Get a life.

Sam Taylor


I as, a PC gamer say this is all absolute BULLSHIT. To say the least that is. None of this is true, especially the bit about is all being angry? If anything console gamers are way worse on that. I used to be a console gamer fora long time. I still am part time. Console gamers are, by far worse when it comes to anger. Please, For all of our poor souls, NEVER EVER PUT ANYTHING ON THE INTERNET EVER AGAIN. EVER!



PC more powerful by allot you can do a whole lot more on them. on console you have these stupid cheat codes for PC you have accesses to the development console. for pc you get to make your own maps. you cant for Xbox. for PC add on's or mods are free for Xbox you cost you.

Ira Mylchreest


Why can't anyone accept that all gaming systems, whether it be PC or console, are equal. Sure, some systems are better than others in different ways, but they are also worse in other ways. Take Xbox and Playstation, the PSN is free, but is prone to lag, Xbox Live is non-lag, but it isn't free.

No one whats to hear you say how bad Xbox, Playstation, Wii, or PC is. Before you complain, ask yourself this, have a owned that system or played it for a long time? If you can answer yes, you have a right to complain. I'm sick of hearing people say they hate a system, when I ask them If they ever played it, they say no. Don't complain, just play, I mean that's why we call ourselves gamers, right?



Consoles and pcs are both great platforms for gaming. I own many consoles and a PC so I'm not biased about this. I am sick and tired of PC gamers focusing on graphics though, for about 2 decades gamers didn't give two shits about how a game can only be good if it has good graphics. PC gamers should stop calling consoles inferior because there not. A controller is far more better than a mouse and keyboard.



I have never pirated a game in my entire life and the most pirated game of 2013 was actually GTA V for XBOX you idiot. PC gamers have a lot of pride in their rigs so they tend to keep their battle stations really nice and clean actually, but all the console gamers i know sit in their dark rooms on their beds that smell of cum with food wrappers strewn across the room. Also, I switched to PC because of the lack of money, its much much cheaper in the long run to buy all your games on steam than pay $100 a game (in AUS) for console games. You're fucking pathetic for writing this and you've really embarrassed yourself.



I used to PC game years ago and even built a machine just for gaming after i got my first job. The machine was built by a friend of mine who was an expert in this but after only a few months of playing i started finding most of the games i wanted to play were either very broken on release or just would not play on my machine for reasons I didnt have the time to figure out. So I stopped pc gaming and swapped to console gaming and after a few weeks had a group of folk i play with to this day was enjoying games with out crashing constantly or assholes with hacks spoiling every game.
Im sure this post will get booed down by crying PC gamers hugging the PC with swedish underlighting they spent £2000 pounds on but lie on forums saying it was only £900 but this only goes to prove how pathetic they are.



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10 reasons to hate PC gamers

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