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PC gamers: who needs 'em?

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Reasons to hate PC gamers #1: L33TSPEAK

Just when gaming was starting to make inroads into the mainstream, a splinter group of stuck-up PC nerds started to pretend they had broken keyboards. Apparently too cool for the alphabet, they substituted letters for vague number-based substitutes in a two-fingered salute to grammar.

While it originated with computer hackers, Leetspeak quickly spread into the PC gaming community; making us all look like complete jackasses in the process. If you regularly pepper your online chat with ‘pwned’, ‘Noob’, ‘w00t’ and ‘Sux0r’ you’re part of the (gene pool) problem. Now rack off and die in a chemical fire. You shan't be missed.

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dude u need to chill, its just a pc

Larry Renold


Awww look someone's been bullied so much by "pc elitists" that they won't even post they're real name for writing this BS diatribe. lol



You say outpr gaming is not a sport look at you sitting on your sofa drooling on a controller, we are not stuck up fools, also you remarkable comments on oh look a 1,000 quid part lets get it we do not do that we find good cheap parts and if we need to a more expensive part, and anyway your consloles have no feel of acheivment after you've upgraded the hardware or soemthing oh wait you cant only your memory is upgradable well we can buy as much upgrades as we need so yes HATERS GONNA HATE!!!!!!!



ok so this is just garbage a pc is not overpriced you get what you pay for, for around the same price as a ps3 when it was new you could easily build a computer with more power consoles are actually very overpriced they use the same type of technology as any pc just very low end hardware at huge price points. using a graphics card like an asus mars for an example is ludicrous its an insanely powerful card one of the most expensive on the market and many times more powerful than the integrated graphics on a console.

were whiners because we expect games to be released with the features they're supposed to have? that's not whining its completely justifiable and if no one tells the publishers what is wrong with the games they're producing the entire market would be flooded with awful titles.

on to esports they're are many esports played on console halo comes to mind as one of the big ones and saying all of the players are out of shape is purely ignorant take a look at T-squared who is in shape because it allows him to be a better player.

leet speak you mean that stuff that i hear mainly when i play console games being told im a noob by everyone in the lobby because Im not a great player. Its on both sides it doesn't matter whether you play on pc or console there is always jackasses.

pirating games is a rather bad subject as it is seen on console more than pc's so i don't think i really need to get into that one.

last but not least pushing our hardware to get the best fps in game, if we didn't care about the games we wouldn't care, but we'd like to see the best graphics out of a game and have it run as smoothly as possible, and when you play at 60 fps you don't get the smoothest experience it makes aiming clunky, on console that's part of the reason that auto aim is so prominent, but its mostly because joysticks aren't as accurate as a mouse.

this article is nothing more than idiocy i have nothing against console gamer's if that's youre preferred platform great in fact i own a ps3 and a ps4 i use them for exclusive titles, streaming netflix and youtube, so i think its safe to say i have nothing against console gaming but you are an asshole.



You know why anti-libel laws were created? so we could sue people like you. Now write a retraction or we will see you in court.



Seriously? It's one thing to find this kind of misguided diatribe on Youtube comments or internet forums, but here? Frankly, after reading this, it's kinda hard to take this website seriously if this kind of material can get past editorial process.



Is this a joke post. Cant tell if this is serious or satire. If serious, you are a very sad misinformed peasant. If its satire, thanks for the laugh.



The only thing I hate about PC gamers is that they constantly tell everyone to "just get a pc", like we all have a shitload of extra money to throw at computers. Sure, consoles don't look as good, but they also don't cost $800.



gotta agree with you Halford, most people i know who brag on about PC's and there superiority, are rolling in dough to just throw at things. also they only ever play one game, and that game is DOTA 2 so I don't take them seriously. also i love how 1: everyone whose posted on this is Furious at the author (HMM is that a pc gamer behind that fake moustache?) and 2: All the people who claim that Yahtzee croshaw, from zero punctuation was supporting them when he coined the term "Pc master race" you need a reality check HE WAS INSULTING YOU



I apologize for this next comment, but please, someone, I will pay you to put a bullet in the head of the man/woman who wrote that article, they are a disgrace to the human kind.



So true i got three friends who do PC gaming and they all do everything you just said its the truth unfortunately



Look out, beware lf small penis pc fags who are only good at being whiny bitches



I don't understand why console gamers seem to hate us for preferring PC. For me, my PC cost about $1000 to build, but most of my games got huge sales for 50% off or more within a year of release on Steam. If someone claims PC gaming is more expensive, I'd like you to do the math. I own about 400 games and only spent about 2x of the cost of my computer yo purchase them. For about 400 games for about $2000, I roughly spent $5 per game. Obviously I stuck to sales and some of my games are were older, but with 1 game I got 8 free for a pre-order. I don't remember ever seeing that on console. Also an average PC costs $600. Add the cost of a current gen console and you'd be spending $1000-1100 plus the higher price for games. I wish people would make valid arguments for once. We stick to our PC mostly to save money.

P.S. Check out humblebundle.com it's a great site for indie game bundles and the money goes to charity.



I hate to rain on your parade GoodGearGuide author, but "text" speak or "Leet/1337" speech was actually devised by early cell phone adopters, who upon discovering that text messages were charged by the letter, came up with a novel way of sending detailed messages using less letters.



This is an incredibly inaccurate and unprofessional post. Not one of the reason's posted here accurately depict myself or any of my PC Gamers I play with. But if people need to believe this to feel better about themselves then I suppose it's not hurting anyone to believe complete nonsense.



This gave me aids

Blah mcBlahgers


Please cite sources for all of your 'facts' that you continually are making up for these 10 top reasons that you personally have a vendetta against pc gaming. There are many peer reviewed papers out on the internet (google is your friend, as always) that go in length about how many of these accusations are simply not true. Take for example the piracy argument, Intel has investigated this and found not only the piracy numbers claimed to be false, but the whole argument that pc gamers pirate more to be an outright lie, with the conclusion being that if anything consoles pirate more. Again, don't bring your personal bias into articles when trying to be informative (though I guess the title gives away that you have no shame for what you are doing) and not show yourself as being an immature child who cannot stand that others have opinions that disagree with your own, much less being able to back theirs up.

Deadly Data


I laugh at this post, sadly it is uninformative. The 'facts' listed here are false and very demeaning. However, I sense a troll in our midst. This person is either A) A child with no brain cells; B) A troll looking to strike a debate; C) A console fan-boy who got beat by a PC gamer; or D) All of the above

Go Fuck Yourself Nigger Console Bitches.


This guy is the most retarded piece of nigger swine I have ever seen. Esports is also a console thing as well you fucking retard. Who cares about PC or Console. It is up to who ever is using it to decide. This whole PC vs Console war is the most retarded shit ever, so many fucking butthurt console users here. How about this console users, stop being poor little cunts and stop complaing about PC gamers. The more you complain the more we fucking jerkoff and laught. You twats are fucking dumb. Go shove your controllers up your vaginas and leave the vibrate on. You faggot ass nigger cunts are nothing more than dudes that are turning into women. Either stop bitching or just fucking deal with it.

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