10 reasons to hate PC gamers

PC gamers: who needs 'em?

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Reasons to hate PC gamers #10: They're elitist twats

If you're a video game fan with a soft spot for consoles, never, ever get into a conversation with a PC gamer. They will tell you at length, and with the utmost smugness, why their 'gaming rig' is vastly superior to your piddling little toy. FPS fans are especially open to ridicule, with the mouse-vs-controller argument forever on the tip of a PC gamer's silver-spooned tongue. To avoid these unsightly conflicts, we recommend bludgeoning them on sight with your Xbox/PS3.

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Wow, so fucking biased

10: We aren't elitists. You're the one making a top 10 of why you're better than us.

9: E-sports are going to be a thing. I bet you weren't saying they were bullshit when cod god an xbox tourney going.

8: We aren't pirates, we all use steam and get our games for pennies on the dollar LEGALLY.

7: We don't make you look bad, we just mind our own while you trash your own image

6: We aren't graphic whores, we just have high standards

5: I built my pc for 800 dollars and it can max out battlefield 4 at 1080p and 60fps. While that is slightly steeper than consoles, my library of games (over 80) costs a retail of about 1,100 on a console. I've spent less than 200. The majority of those games are AAA, by the way. People are going to pay shittons for amazing PC's, but it isn't necessary. I'm happy with my build.

4: So... you're hating on a genre, and you call US elitists?

3: You call us complainers, yet you made a list of why to hate US... Seems reasonable...

2: Okay... one setup... No idea why that is considered evidence.

1: No one likes Leetspeak. We don't use leetspeak, we talk like normal individuals.

Oh, and we can play your console games on our PC's and use your controllers.



dude what even... none of this is true and you're simply stating your opinion. And for your information we do not go and spend our life savings on an amazing pc nor do we pirate games. Sure, you get the odd one who will pirate a game every now and then; but just think about how many people are pirating movies this very second, i think that number would far outweigh any sort of game piracy. I'm a gamer, i love it, communities are great, but i don't have some fancy pc, no i have a cheap laptop, it does pretty well and i still enjoy playing games through it.
So before hating on us, maybe come up with some REAL reasons. Ones that are true maybe?



What a fucking scrub. Stupid people like to bitch about those more intelligent and successful than them. It's only natural. Stick to you shitty 720p CoD.



Buttmad = very yes. Nice try, but top 10 "reasons why" lists usually involve fact and not pure imagination or opinion. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYYEGdHV16E

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10 reasons to hate PC gamers

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