10 reasons to hate PC gamers

PC gamers: who needs 'em?

Reasons to hate PC gamers #6: They're shameless graphics whores

PC gamers don't really care about gameplay. They’re more interested in teasing a few extra frames per second out of their ridiculously overpriced ‘gaming rig.’ When you spend more time fiddling around in BIOS than actually playing, it's time to face facts: you're no longer a gamer.

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noble 6


You see, while you PC gaming morons are here arguing with some other idiots, the rest of the xbox live and psn are playing their halo, cod, lbp2, and uncharted.



I can't believe they let an uneducated piece of twat work for such a company, an Australian too! Hell even my 8 year old son have more knowledge of a personal computer than you. Overclocking is not only for gaming but increased performance in CPU rendering, server performance and video encoding.



I'll tell some pro racers that they spent too much time tweaking their cars and don't race enough.
I mean, they aren't true racers, right?



Forgetting that the VAST majority of PC gamers DON'T overclock. And most overclockers don't spend that much time in the BIOS. Once an overclock is set, that's it, it's done, on to gaming. If you think we don't care about gameplay then you don't understand that overclocking might remove that bottleneck and make gameplay more smooth(likely if it's old hardware). Quit grasping for straws and give a real answer.

As for Piracy, things like Steam, GOG, GreenManGaming and all the other epic game e-tailers(or whatever you want to call them) have for the most part made that a thing of the past. When I can wait and buy a game for 50% off+ why not, hell I got Borderlands 2 Pre-ordered for $40, and it later went on sale for $37(what, $60 retail?). I can't the last time I paid full retail price for a game.



This is quite possibly the most ignorant piece of trash I have read in all of my internet browsing days.



April fools, right?

Alexander the Mate


PC Gamers dont care about gameplay? Consoles release 4-5 good games in a year. This is laughable. If you agree with this article, please get off your macbook air and go pwn some more newbs on your new $60 Call of Duty game, which is basically just a reskinned version of a previous release. Dont forget to buy any available map packs, ESPECIALLY the ones they take from previous games and make higher resolution.

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  • a

    10 reasons console gamers suck
    10. PC gamer hate for no reason
    9. Hate game types they never played like RTSs or MMOs
    8. The exclusive argument is stupid. If I wanted to play Halo I would buy a Xbox.
    7. Hate on people who don't like Call of Duty
    6. Say that their gamers when all they play is like 3 game series
    5. Casuals. You only play COD or Battlefield because the other shooters are too hard. Shut Up.
    4. Stereotype other gaming machine's players
    3. You always talk about your console like it is the best thing ever when us PC gamers only bring up our shit cause you bring it up to us. Sorry we are usually write. If you want to play with a controller buy one and hook it up to a PC.
    2. Some of them thing their badasses when their on the bottom of the list
    1. Complain about PC gamers doing the same thing that they are doing.


    you should get your facts straight more console games are pirated then pc games.


    "Most of 'em still play flight sims, war games and orc-filled RPGs: apparently by choice. They also have serious BO issues, as any LAN tournament will attest." As a pc gamer i can assure you i dont play any of the above and not alot of people do, also can you define 'war games' do you mean like call of duty and battlefield ? Hate to tell you this but there on consoles aswell!


    Welp, guess which website isn't getting my advertisement views anymore...


    Pc nerds raging


    Did you even do any research?
    also you kind of stabbed yourself in the foot with this
    "PC gamers are always complaining"
    Didnt you make this to complain about PC gamers? What the fuck? DO you even read what you write?


    In response to number 5.
    We make look like nerds.
    But I have ONE imgur album.
    Take a peek.


    "Thankfully, things have come along in leaps and bounds since then -- unless you're a PC gamer, that is. For some reason, PC gamers have refused to leave the tissue-strewn basement of our inglorious past. Most of 'em still play flight sims, war games and orc-filled RPGs: apparently by choice. They also have serious BO issues, as any LAN tournament will attest."

    Pray tell, what is wrong with flight sims, war games and orc-filled RPGs? I wasn't aware your brand of gaming was superior to other, older forms of gaming. If you feel such mediums are outdated, you should say so in a more diplomatic manner.


    Wow, you're treating your opinion like it's a fact.
    "Most of 'em still play flight sims, war games and orc-filled RPGs: apparently by choice."
    Sorry, but some people enjoy flying aircraft, not playing Copy and Paste Duty. Yes, believe it or not, people actually like BF4 because it's a good game. Same goes with Skyrim, Minecraft, Toontown, X-Plane, FSX, etc.


    Cancerous article.


    Because that's true about all of us, you know the same thing can be the said about you consoles fans. There is piracy on consoles, and there are also jack-asses on consoles, the same can be said on any side.


    "Most of 'em still play flight sims, war games and orc-filled RPGs"
    I'm sorry, but this is just ridiculous.
    People having different tastes to you is an utterly ridiculous claim for why a platform is bad. Stop this ludicrous fishing for hits.


    Yeah when everyone used their PC to pirate PS2 games.



  • draconicw

    Once again, I am surprized by his stupidity. Sure, some PC gamers are pirates, but there are plenty of gamers who pirate X-box 360 games, and PS2 games. Hell, just read an article on here today, about some guy in Ohio who got caught pirating console games.


    All these comments are just PC people being elitists. You make fun of consoles all the time when we make a joke you get mad and say we're jealous NO WE ARE NOT we like are console and tired if PC gamers bashing on us all time you are elitists so shut the fuck up



    I know these things

    This one is funny, especially considering that last year alone, PC gaming had a higher revenue than consoles, and is continuing to do so this year.


    Well, guess I won't be using this site again


    Pst, hey, wanna know a secret? To play multiplayer on most games online you need to buy the game first, just telling you because it seems like you're butthurt for having a crappy computer and got owned online.


    Consoles also have piracy, http://i.imgur.com/2lVDtoS.png if you didnt know.

    kyle bradford

    This article points out why you should hate consoles gamers.


    this is the most bias website i have ever seen


    Uh-oh you have mixed up console gamers with PC gamers again. Looks like another hilarious article, keep them coming.


    Yeah, you tell those PC pirating losers! >goes on xbox360iso to download games

  • nerdyman2000

    What kind of a dumb c*** writes this stuff rofl.


    What a fucking scrub. Stupid people like to bitch about those more intelligent and successful than them. It's only natural. Stick to you shitty 720p CoD.


    Buttmad = very yes. Nice try, but top 10 "reasons why" lists usually involve fact and not pure imagination or opinion. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYYEGdHV16E


    Wow, so fucking biased

    10: We aren't elitists. You're the one making a top 10 of why you're better than us.

    9: E-sports are going to be a thing. I bet you weren't saying they were bullshit when cod god an xbox tourney going.

    8: We aren't pirates, we all use steam and get our games for pennies on the dollar LEGALLY.

    7: We don't make you look bad, we just mind our own while you trash your own image

    6: We aren't graphic whores, we just have high standards

    5: I built my pc for 800 dollars and it can max out battlefield 4 at 1080p and 60fps. While that is slightly steeper than consoles, my library of games (over 80) costs a retail of about 1,100 on a console. I've spent less than 200. The majority of those games are AAA, by the way. People are going to pay shittons for amazing PC's, but it isn't necessary. I'm happy with my build.

    4: So... you're hating on a genre, and you call US elitists?

    3: You call us complainers, yet you made a list of why to hate US... Seems reasonable...

    2: Okay... one setup... No idea why that is considered evidence.

    1: No one likes Leetspeak. We don't use leetspeak, we talk like normal individuals.

    Oh, and we can play your console games on our PC's and use your controllers.


    The only...... well, the biggest problem I have with PC gamers is that they don't seem to be able to comprehend the concept of money and how it works, and that not all people have the same money situation. Sure, I can build a great computer for as much as an Xbox One/PS4, but I probably wouldn't be able to get an Xbox One/PS4 until the price comes down to a fraction of the original, as I did with the PS3/XB360. Hell, I didn't get an original Xbox until the 360 had already been out. And then there's the fact that I'll have to keep upgrading every time I want a game that comes out that needs higher specs, which consoles don't have to worry about, obviously except for different gens. If I have to choose between getting a game on console or PC, I'll choose console. I run into less hardware problems, no viruses, etc. I want to love PC gaming, but it just costs too much. For example, I spent more on my out-of-the-box computer (dual-core, integrated graphics, >$600) than I did on my XB360(~$100), PS3(~$100), PSP(~$100), and PS2(~$50) combined, and it would be another $170 to get a worthwhile graphics card. I would throw in my Gamecube, but I don't remember how much that was.


    This entire "article" is the most incessant, opinionated, uneducated pile of filth that we have ever laid eyes upon.

    A true Gamer

    Yes use your consoles to bludgeon people... that way you'll get at least some use out of it.


    Using your XBox or PS3 will save you from using it on a shooter. Allowing PC gamers to play with console gamers on FPS will clearly show why the PC is so much better.


    dude what even... none of this is true and you're simply stating your opinion. And for your information we do not go and spend our life savings on an amazing pc nor do we pirate games. Sure, you get the odd one who will pirate a game every now and then; but just think about how many people are pirating movies this very second, i think that number would far outweigh any sort of game piracy. I'm a gamer, i love it, communities are great, but i don't have some fancy pc, no i have a cheap laptop, it does pretty well and i still enjoy playing games through it.
    So before hating on us, maybe come up with some REAL reasons. Ones that are true maybe?

  • loltrollin

    E-sports: herp derp MLG fags on XBL.

    Make the rest of us look bad: CoD fags do far worse to the gaming community than WoW does.

    more money than sense: My last computer cost me 500 dollars and can run new games no problem on fairly high. Author is probably a poor fag.

    MMORPGs: Nothing wrong as long as you know what moderation means.

    Clearly this was just done to get this more hits on this awful site and it worked.


    Lol u mad?
    U mad alright.

    Now I see why i've never heard of Sh*t Gear Guide.

    Fu*king consolefa*s.


    This article is rather uh
    stupid :V
    Really, some of us spend most of our time on the computer, so we might as game on it right? Kinda like how some people mostly just watch tv, so it'd make more sense to just get a console or two. Less moving around, ya know? And gamers are usually lazy, so less moving = better~

    Also you can get budget gaming computers which work just as well if not better than the $3000 ones :V You should do more research before you make an article about things like this! Hell, do more research in general~ It'll make more people visit your site and not comment negativity on posts c:

    Dat Price Tho

    $400 gaming computer. Achieves 60 fps easily in bf4 max settings. http://pcpartpicker.com/user/Wacky_Flip8/saved/4fnY

    pc gamer

    I built a budget PC in 2005 that can still play most games that are coming out. It cost not much more than an Xbox, but no risk of RROD and the biggest advantage is that I can upgrade it at any point. I see PCs as far more economical than consoles. Yeah, there are people who throw thousands at the latest shiny technology, but they are a small minority.

    The other plus side of course is that I get to use a mouse instead of a controller. I could explain why mice really do give greater control in FPSs, but it's obvious that you are either incapable or unwilling to consider this possibility. Not elitism, fact. Is it elitism to say that DVDs are better than VHS?


    The author should consider sticking his head in a bucket and drowning themselves.


    Desperate for attention, I see. What? You couldn't go after any other type of gamers? 'Course you wont, why would you? PC gamers are bad people and they're SO dumb.



    This is so stupid. im getting a new average gaming pc which is good enough to play all recent games and it cost less than my ps3 clearly no research on the subject.

    kyle bradford

    I feel like this whole article is about how much you want to get a pc and you are jjealous. it's a little silly of you.

    My tripcode is niggers #niggers

    this whole thing is a joke. most pc gamers spend less than 500 dollars on a PC, and 200 dollars every few years on a graphics card to stay "current"

    it averages out cheaper than replacing a console every few years

    Your hater

    So, you want to get into PC gaming huh? The first thing to do is grab an Origin Genesis gaming PC: with an RRP of $10,893, it's an absolute steal! Or maybe you just want to upgrade your PC's graphic card to something a bit meatier? The Asus R.O.G MARS is going cheap at just $1999! Perhaps portable gaming is more your bag? If so, the ASUS Lamborghini VX5 can be yours for just $3499! Bargains, all three of 'em!

    Alternatively, you could buy a Nintendo Wii, a PlayStation 3, an Xbox 360 and a Nintendo DSi XL for a fraction of the price. But who'd want to go and do something stupid like that? ...

    Well you stupid authors did you know that with 500 $ you can buy a pc 3 times better than a console like ps4 or xbox1 ? 1st better graphics .. 2nd you are free ... it's a pc you can do everything you can make your own server and play on your pc .... oh also your games and consoles are developed on pc's so you better shut up for a while ...
    oh also about pirating games ... You are some stupid morons ... some of us do buy our games and .. oh you should also think that you pirate your games too .. you can crack your console and download your games for free 1 month after their release -.-

    U mad?

    written like a true butthurt consolefag

    enjoy your poor

    Fred Gherkin

    The video card you listed is an anomaly, years old, from a previous generation of video cards and proof that you're cherry picking from the bottom of the journalistic barrel to write this bilious tripe.

    Top ten lists: crutch of today's content challenged e-journalists and bloggers.


    i am builing a top of the line gaming rig for under $2000, I also currently have a $400 dollar laptop that can run battlefield 4 at medium to high with 50-60 fps. People who don't know shit shouldn't say shit.


    This is what happens when morons are given a voice. They hate on those superior to them who they don't understand.


    HAHA. This was hilarious. I don't know if the author was being serious but it came across as funny to me. To my fellow #PCMR dont get too upset, this is just a troll, and we don't respond to trolls with anything less than the sense of satisfaction we get knowing that we are objectively, and according to many different reports, THE largest and best part of the gaming industry. Don't believe me, ask NVIDIA http://www.dsogaming.com/news/pc-gaming-is-doing-great-nvidia-reports-24-billion-dollars-estimated-yearly-revenue-digital-distribution-boosting-sales/ or perhaps this report from late 2013 http://gearnuke.com/pc-dominates-market-51-console-30-mobile-13-according-new-report/ or this http://www.vg247.com/2013/01/07/2013-%E2%80%93-the-year-pc-gaming-disrupts-the-console-business/ So you see, we only act like the best, because we ARE the best. Anything else, is just plain nonsense :)


    LOL your such a douch canoe. You can make a bad ass gaming rig for $1000 bucks that will blow the doors off any console . Putting up prices of hardware that nobody buys is misleading and shows the irrationality of your argument. Good riddance , peasant.


    Really the "You need to spend at least 2000 to get a decent gaming rig" argument again? You can build a fantastic gaming PC for under 1000 dollars and can build great PC's for as low as 650. They will look better, last longer, and can actually be upgraded. Not to mention you'll be saving money with steam sales.

    Cow Eater

    This is probably the worst top 10 list I have ever read. You were are reaching to find the 10 things huh? Pretty pathetic if you ask me. Posting stupidly overprices PC's. Guess what I made my PC for under 600$ and have never tweaked bios and still run any game that has been put out on PC. I would like to call this a Journalist fail. If you boss can read this here is some advice. Fire this douche.


    this whole article is one big complaint... so just stop talking


    i can't tell if this is a troll post or op is an absolute fucking moron


    As my fellow brother 'FACEPALM' said, this whole article is a complaint. And in regards to the petitions, I distinctly remember petitions to bring our games to your filthy consoles. And I don't think anyone is saying they will never make a game for PC. Why? BECAUSE YOU MAKE THE FREAKING GAMES ON A PC YOU NUMBNUTS.

    Gabe Newell

    When your framerate is higher than 30 fps and resolution equal to 1080p then you can talk back to us. For now keep sucking Sony and Microsoft's dick.


    It's not PC's we hate,its the trolls that sit at them.Note that the title concerns PC gamers not the PCs themselves.

    Other guy

    This is the most retarded pile of utter garbage I've seen in quite a while, I hope you got loads of money for this crap.
    (Butthurt r u?)

    That guy

    Well everyone, everywhere complains about stupid things. Gamers, Self proclaimed movie critics, people who love a reality show, all come to the internet to complain...it is called forums and Facebook.

    lucid enigma

    That was one of the most idiotic, regurgitation of utter crap I've have heard in a long, long time! Do you get paid for this?!?


    $400 gaming computer. Achieves 60 fps easily in bf4 max settings. http://pcpartpicker.com/user/Wacky_Flip8/saved/4fnY


    HAHA. This was hilarious. I don't know if the author was being serious but it came across as funny to me. To my fellow #PCMR dont get too upset, this is just a troll, and we don't respond to trolls with anything less than the sense of satisfaction we get knowing that we are objectively, and according to many different reports, THE largest and best part of the gaming industry. Don't believe me, ask NVIDIA http://www.dsogaming.com/news/pc-gaming-is-doing-great-nvidia-reports-24-billion-dollars-estimated-yearly-revenue-digital-distribution-boosting-sales/ or perhaps this report from late 2013 http://gearnuke.com/pc-dominates-market-51-console-30-mobile-13-according-new-report/ or this http://www.vg247.com/2013/01/07/2013-%E2%80%93-the-year-pc-gaming-disrupts-the-console-business/ So you see, we only act like the best, because we ARE the best. Anything else, is just plain nonsense :)


    fuck the hell off

    Bitch Nigga

    Nice dick ride to consent manufacturers.That 720p 30fps doe.

  • Peasant

    Look at all the pc butthurts hahahahaa


    GOG, YOU'R3 JUST 4S B4D 4S TH3 J4D3 HUM4N WHO'S 4LL darn it *troll name* type normally!!!! :( :( :(


    Trolls everywhere


    There are people like that but it is maybe ten percent of the community tops.


    They not getting any,so they'll die out eventually.


    PC's aren't the roots of gaming,arcades are.


    This fool doesn't know where the best games started lol...

    I bet youre the type of kids that say "Thats a 'COD' or 'Halo' or whatnot copy...

    guess what...

    those games are DOOM copies


    Yes DOOM was this first ever fps and any fps is a copy of DOOM.Meaning Mirror's Edge,Killzone1,2 & 3,Borderlands,Half Life,Resistance,Halo,Far Cry1 & 2,Portal,Bioshock1 & 2,Wolfenstein,Team Fortress,Quake,COD(all of them),MOH(all of them),Battlefield(all of them)...etc are all copies of DOOM.Your argument has such a good basis.


    You're kidding me. "leetspeak" is dead. Why is this a reason to hate PC gamers? Even console gamers use these terms in a mainstream fashion.

    This whole article is a bunch of slandering rubbish. 10 shoddy points that are hardly applicable to the whole "PC gamers" entity as a whole.

    And it's ironic how one of the reasons was "they're always complaining."

    Take a look at the Black Ops forum for 360 or PS3.. or any hyped game that's come out recently. Nothing but 13 year old crybabies.

    I don't get it. It's like someone forced these terrible writers at gunpoint to come up with 10 reasons to hate PC gamers in 10 seconds.

    That guy

    hmm....I am just wondering here... will this thread or, even better, any of these comments matter in 2 weeks?


    ...No? I didn't think so.


    This article is all based on opinion or a method of satire. I got some laughs out of it :)

    Larry Renold

    Awww look someone's been bullied so much by "pc elitists" that they won't even post they're real name for writing this BS diatribe. lol


    ok so this is just garbage a pc is not overpriced you get what you pay for, for around the same price as a ps3 when it was new you could easily build a computer with more power consoles are actually very overpriced they use the same type of technology as any pc just very low end hardware at huge price points. using a graphics card like an asus mars for an example is ludicrous its an insanely powerful card one of the most expensive on the market and many times more powerful than the integrated graphics on a console.

    were whiners because we expect games to be released with the features they're supposed to have? that's not whining its completely justifiable and if no one tells the publishers what is wrong with the games they're producing the entire market would be flooded with awful titles.

    on to esports they're are many esports played on console halo comes to mind as one of the big ones and saying all of the players are out of shape is purely ignorant take a look at T-squared who is in shape because it allows him to be a better player.

    leet speak you mean that stuff that i hear mainly when i play console games being told im a noob by everyone in the lobby because Im not a great player. Its on both sides it doesn't matter whether you play on pc or console there is always jackasses.

    pirating games is a rather bad subject as it is seen on console more than pc's so i don't think i really need to get into that one.

    last but not least pushing our hardware to get the best fps in game, if we didn't care about the games we wouldn't care, but we'd like to see the best graphics out of a game and have it run as smoothly as possible, and when you play at 60 fps you don't get the smoothest experience it makes aiming clunky, on console that's part of the reason that auto aim is so prominent, but its mostly because joysticks aren't as accurate as a mouse.

    this article is nothing more than idiocy i have nothing against console gamer's if that's youre preferred platform great in fact i own a ps3 and a ps4 i use them for exclusive titles, streaming netflix and youtube, so i think its safe to say i have nothing against console gaming but you are an asshole.


    You know why anti-libel laws were created? so we could sue people like you. Now write a retraction or we will see you in court.


    Seriously? It's one thing to find this kind of misguided diatribe on Youtube comments or internet forums, but here? Frankly, after reading this, it's kinda hard to take this website seriously if this kind of material can get past editorial process.


    Is this a joke post. Cant tell if this is serious or satire. If serious, you are a very sad misinformed peasant. If its satire, thanks for the laugh.


    So true i got three friends who do PC gaming and they all do everything you just said its the truth unfortunately


    You say outpr gaming is not a sport look at you sitting on your sofa drooling on a controller, we are not stuck up fools, also you remarkable comments on oh look a 1,000 quid part lets get it we do not do that we find good cheap parts and if we need to a more expensive part, and anyway your consloles have no feel of acheivment after you've upgraded the hardware or soemthing oh wait you cant only your memory is upgradable well we can buy as much upgrades as we need so yes HATERS GONNA HATE!!!!!!!


    gotta agree with you Halford, most people i know who brag on about PC's and there superiority, are rolling in dough to just throw at things. also they only ever play one game, and that game is DOTA 2 so I don't take them seriously. also i love how 1: everyone whose posted on this is Furious at the author (HMM is that a pc gamer behind that fake moustache?) and 2: All the people who claim that Yahtzee croshaw, from zero punctuation was supporting them when he coined the term "Pc master race" you need a reality check HE WAS INSULTING YOU


    The only thing I hate about PC gamers is that they constantly tell everyone to "just get a pc", like we all have a shitload of extra money to throw at computers. Sure, consoles don't look as good, but they also don't cost $800.


    I apologize for this next comment, but please, someone, I will pay you to put a bullet in the head of the man/woman who wrote that article, they are a disgrace to the human kind.


    I hate to rain on your parade GoodGearGuide author, but "text" speak or "Leet/1337" speech was actually devised by early cell phone adopters, who upon discovering that text messages were charged by the letter, came up with a novel way of sending detailed messages using less letters.


    This is an incredibly inaccurate and unprofessional post. Not one of the reason's posted here accurately depict myself or any of my PC Gamers I play with. But if people need to believe this to feel better about themselves then I suppose it's not hurting anyone to believe complete nonsense.


    This gave me aids

    Blah mcBlahgers

    Please cite sources for all of your 'facts' that you continually are making up for these 10 top reasons that you personally have a vendetta against pc gaming. There are many peer reviewed papers out on the internet (google is your friend, as always) that go in length about how many of these accusations are simply not true. Take for example the piracy argument, Intel has investigated this and found not only the piracy numbers claimed to be false, but the whole argument that pc gamers pirate more to be an outright lie, with the conclusion being that if anything consoles pirate more. Again, don't bring your personal bias into articles when trying to be informative (though I guess the title gives away that you have no shame for what you are doing) and not show yourself as being an immature child who cannot stand that others have opinions that disagree with your own, much less being able to back theirs up.


    LOL, the irony of course is that if you bought a "next gen" system, you basically overpaid for a closed platform PC you can't upgrade, that's saddled with adware.

    Don't hate, ascend.


    "More money than sense." you mean "More money than you."


    Look out, beware lf small penis pc fags who are only good at being whiny bitches


    Funny article, looks like it brought a lot of attention to your site, 10/10 good troll.

    Martin /r/pcmasterrace

    Is the person who wrote this article retarded? You know that you can build a PC for $400 and it will still be superior to the 8th gen consoles. Also, this article is simply written to get more clicks because people who care about the PC gaming will voice their opinion. You know why? because we don't like when idiots like the author of this artcle spread lies like these. This website is ran by wanna-be 15year old gaming '' journalists'' who have no journalistic credibilty nor the gaming knowledge required to run the gaming news website.


    I don't understand why console gamers seem to hate us for preferring PC. For me, my PC cost about $1000 to build, but most of my games got huge sales for 50% off or more within a year of release on Steam. If someone claims PC gaming is more expensive, I'd like you to do the math. I own about 400 games and only spent about 2x of the cost of my computer yo purchase them. For about 400 games for about $2000, I roughly spent $5 per game. Obviously I stuck to sales and some of my games are were older, but with 1 game I got 8 free for a pre-order. I don't remember ever seeing that on console. Also an average PC costs $600. Add the cost of a current gen console and you'd be spending $1000-1100 plus the higher price for games. I wish people would make valid arguments for once. We stick to our PC mostly to save money.

    P.S. Check out humblebundle.com it's a great site for indie game bundles and the money goes to charity.


    this article made me laugh so hard... i own quite a decent pc rig... and tweaking my bios settings takes 10-15 minutes tops. and more money than sense??... not true... just more money than console gamers... :P and in pc gaming we can do anything to the game, we can mod better texture, different buildings, characters, cars, almost anything you want a game probably has it. Console gaming just has 13 year old kids thinking their the best modders as their jtagging call of duty ranks.



    lol @ "They not getting any,so they'll die out eventually."

    @"Yes DOOM was this first ever fps"
    actually wolfenstein 3d was the first fps, and there were rpgs from first person views even long befor that.


    It appears the writer is saving for their $10,000 PC by making each "point" have its own individual page with adverts.
    Nice going.
    Also, point #1. How would you know to put that as an arguement point, if you couldn't read it? (Because obviously, the vast majority of high-voiced CoD players get laid on a daily basis)


    LOL @ Console Peasants, they're jealous of our superiority. Keep crying faggots, your glorious PC overlords can't hear you with all the fun we're having playing GOOD games.


    Hilarious and sadly true of many (not all) PC gamers. Most are elitist JO's that go out of their way to troll and spam the heck out of message boards with walls of useless self inflated text to tout their prowess (on the net that is, as most are spineless door mats in real life). To make matters worse far too many of them have hygiene problems and lack even the simplest form of "outside the basement" social skills. The MMORPG thing I just never understood. Those games suck, the game play and graphics are horrible and animation is stiff. Not to mention those games are usually devoid of any story or music to speak of, just a bunch of fat men dry humping their monitors over some poorly rendered female (who is likely controlled by another fat man) oh the irony.


    @Nope,I have never read such a witty comment,you must be really intelligent,I bet all the girls are lining up to tell you how awesome you are,that is if they can stand your nerd rage induced stench.

    Pat d

    look at the PC gamers get upset.

    they're already ranting, rather than admitting to what we all know is the truth.

    gamer 957928349

    Stupid and pointless article coming from a console gamer.

    urmoms cunt

    he missed the best reason to hate pc gamers......

    they have everything better than you(console gamers) do

    better graphics
    better games
    better prices
    better controlls
    better content
    free maps
    free mods
    free games

    Dear Mentally challenged author,

    You should hate them because they ARE better than you....just like you hate rich people and famous people a little bit down deep inside yourself....also because you are poor and ugly and seldom get laid except when you can scrape up enough money to pay for it.

    here is some proof that PC gaming SH!TS on console gaming;



    I own both PC and console for a long long time, since Atari and Commodore. This article was utter crap, distasteful and poorly written. It's console gamers like you that give the entire gaming genre a bad name.

    It's ensured that I will never visit this site again -- the writer should follow his own words and rack off, die in a chemical fire so we don't have to hear your sad dribble again.


    I'm sensing a lot of jealousy from the console kiddies.


    What the hell was #2 supposed to be? A computer case made out of a chick in bikini? Did it offend the author because it was not a black man with a giant penis instead?

    Too stupid

    The article's actually making fun of console players and their lack of sense, BUT I guess the joke went way over your heads


    Pat d: "look at the PC gamers get upset.
    they're already ranting, rather than admitting to what we all know is the truth."

    Some tit just called every PC gamer in existence whiny, annoying douchebags based on ... well, based on f--k all.
    But I'm sure console gamers would have taken it with a lot more grace, as is evidenced by your tactful approach to the topic.

    Shsksh. Commander?

    Pretty sure this is a troll article. I own every current gen console and a PC gaming built for under $600 that will play any game on high to max settings; including Crysis.

    I'd just like to iterate this: you wrote this article on a PC. Whether you'd like to admit it or not, more people have PCs in their homes than televisions. The amount of work and money required to upgrade any PC to play games is a maximum of $300, on par with both the price of a PS3 and 360.

    The way I see consoles are tools for social gaming on a much more light note. They've always been about split-screen multiplayer with some friends. Since my PC has always been the hub of my internet activity, that's where I have and will continue to handle online multiplayer.

    The only thing that bothered me about this is your idea of PC gamers making everyone else look like nerds. Console children are constantly in feeble debates over who's what is better with which titles, and why Halo will never be beat by the vastly graphically superior Killzone. You guys make yourselves look like nerds without anyone's help. Meanwhile, I'll continue to expand my music collection, make music, art and play games (or even modify them with additional content (for free)) on my PC. I'll freely admit to being a nerd, but luckily I'm not so maladjusted that I blog about how much I hate people who play games on some other medium on the internet. Blogging, vlogging and all its forms will constantly be looked at with a raised eyebrow, even by nerds.

    That should tell you something.


    This is the most biased piece of crap I've ever seen.

    Sweeping generalisations left and right, unfounded claims, blind ignorance. Actually, you should take up journalism in the USA, you'll fit right in.

    Some dude


    Almost raged and made me reply.


    okay. So, I have a gaming PC, PS3 and an Xbox. Sure, gaming pcs are a bit more expensive but they can do more than a console does. And each each setup is better at doing different things. I'd rather play a strategy game on a PC, as well as an FPS and an mmorpg. I'd rather play a third-person shooter, an action game or an RPG on a console.
    Anyways, your arguments are both unbacked and offensive. Its like making an article about "10 reasons to hate blacks"


    Wow, just wow...I saw nothing but ignorance through this entire article. I play console and PC (hybrid ftw) and wow...really? I have to say having a gaming PC gives a lot more freedom when it comes to all the games available to us to play, and the vast community of gamers in general. Do I consider a PC better? Yes, because it can be upgraded to suit one's needs later on to make everything better. I enjoy playing games, and if I want to play a game and my comp doesn't meet certain requirements, I'll upgrade (and no I won't spend $600 on a gfx card).

    I currently own a PS3 and Wii (still thinking on an xbox), and they're fun to play, and it's fun deciding on what game to get when it comes to cross-platforming. I recently bought Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit for the PC, I could have got it for my wii, or my PS3, but no I got it for my PC. Why? I know a bunch of buddies who play the PC and have it, so it's a blast. Even the Assassin's Creed series, I got those on the PS3, cause I enjoyed the controls.

    You hating on PC gamers is fine and dandy, as that is your opinion. But making up false reasons throughout the majority of this piece of garbage of an article, makes you naive, because you speak as if you lost some kind of tournament where you had to play a PC game and failed.


    consoles don't make console games. pc makes the console games. if the developer wanted to they can port every piece of your precious console games to pc and make it prettier and loads faster. just remember where the first call of duty comes from.


    If you read properly you'll see its not PCs being complained about its PC gamers,what can't you read anything thats not l33t?

    Go Fuck Yourself Nigger Console Bitches.

    This guy is the most retarded piece of nigger swine I have ever seen. Esports is also a console thing as well you fucking retard. Who cares about PC or Console. It is up to who ever is using it to decide. This whole PC vs Console war is the most retarded shit ever, so many fucking butthurt console users here. How about this console users, stop being poor little cunts and stop complaing about PC gamers. The more you complain the more we fucking jerkoff and laught. You twats are fucking dumb. Go shove your controllers up your vaginas and leave the vibrate on. You faggot ass nigger cunts are nothing more than dudes that are turning into women. Either stop bitching or just fucking deal with it.

    Deadly Data

    I laugh at this post, sadly it is uninformative. The 'facts' listed here are false and very demeaning. However, I sense a troll in our midst. This person is either A) A child with no brain cells; B) A troll looking to strike a debate; C) A console fan-boy who got beat by a PC gamer; or D) All of the above


    dude u need to chill, its just a pc

  • That guy

    True, this review seems a little biast and harsh at points but if you came on the internet to NOT read something that someone is complaining about, please make a note.

    Also, hating someone for being a "hater" does not look so bright on your behalf.

    Ace Ventura

    Wow, so many Xbox f@gtards on this site. PC is the KING of gaming; get over it, haters!

    Without PC, none of the console junk would work anyways. Where the f!ck do you morons think developers start? They need a PC obviously.

    And there are plenty of PC games that have great gameplay AND graphics, so STFU.


    lol @ MMORPG's.

    Only people playing them since the mid 2000's are console faggots trying to be "part of the crowd" who literally only own a PC to play them and MOBA's.

    This whole thing reeks of console and post xbox dipshittery.

    The people making PC look bad over the last 10 years are just "console warriors" bandwagoning over to the platform and deluding themselves into thinking they are real PC gamers.


    MMORPGS are n console to..........



  • This site needs more hits

    This is just wreaking of desperation for hits... Worst part is I clicked.


    This article is laughable at best and just screams 'pay attention to me please!' Wasn't even worth the click other than knowing that this is another site to add to my blocked list in case their other articles are as sadly pathetic as this one.

    Stupidest thing ever

    First off I myself don't show off gaming rigs, and as to sports, what about PS3 and Xbox.


    Psh, this guy needs to go do something else, like die. Most of the gaming shows I've seen, they've had at least one PC game, like counterstrike, and then 7 other console only games, like Fifa, Dead or Alive, DDR, or games like Call of Duty which go both ways.


    I cannot fucking believe I clicked this. This website needs to die.

    Kaz King

    Yeah and sitting on the sofa and fiddling with a controller is any better?


    Consoles have esports just renamed

  • forevergammer

    Sounds like someone is poor and jealous.


    PC more powerful by allot you can do a whole lot more on them. on console you have these stupid cheat codes for PC you have accesses to the development console. for pc you get to make your own maps. you cant for Xbox. for PC add on's or mods are free for Xbox you cost you.


    Actually I prefer consoles.

    I used to play pc games all the time, I stopped playing due to people getting easy access to hacks. This ruined my gaming experience, as I like to play genuine. Sure people hack on consoles, but it's extremely rare and they're actually dealt with swiftly. Almost every game is steam supported, majority of the time steam is acting up. Since 2009 they have had an issue with cdf files and guess what? it's 2013 and the problem still exists.
    I have a gaming pc and numerous consoles, I can certainly afford the power on pc gaming. Controllers are far more superior when it comes to fps games, which seems to have been at its prime the last few years.
    Now I don't hate pc gamers in general, I hate the fact pc gamers have such easy access to hacks that generally ruin pc gaming altogether. The funny thing is, I actually don't hear anyone bagging out pc gamers when I play on console...yet it's always the other way around.

    That's my opinion, don't like it? then suck a lemon.


    I have never pirated a game in my entire life and the most pirated game of 2013 was actually GTA V for XBOX you idiot. PC gamers have a lot of pride in their rigs so they tend to keep their battle stations really nice and clean actually, but all the console gamers i know sit in their dark rooms on their beds that smell of cum with food wrappers strewn across the room. Also, I switched to PC because of the lack of money, its much much cheaper in the long run to buy all your games on steam than pay $100 a game (in AUS) for console games. You're fucking pathetic for writing this and you've really embarrassed yourself.


    Ignoring all of the other incorrect statements I want to bring up the pricing of the hardware he mentioned, if you're a rich prat that thinks of no one but himself old you might go for a PC that costs $10,000, but I got my entire modernized gaming rig for about $800, about a third of what he said a single component was..
    This man is obviously not using any senses, he's a troll, get over it.


    This article almost had me going, believing the author was a PC hater. But then I rolled my mouse over the pics and found out the author is actually listing reasons why he hates console gamers. And it's hilarious because you all missed it! LOL


    LOL pc gamers so fuukkkiinn jealouss! u mad, dudes? lol, me and my clan get 50-0 k/d ratio in cod bo, reach and mw2. computrs r 4 work, xbox is for real games.
    ps: get a life u losers computers SUCK 4 games, why wud u use any computer other than a mac and they dont play games lol


    I used to PC game years ago and even built a machine just for gaming after i got my first job. The machine was built by a friend of mine who was an expert in this but after only a few months of playing i started finding most of the games i wanted to play were either very broken on release or just would not play on my machine for reasons I didnt have the time to figure out. So I stopped pc gaming and swapped to console gaming and after a few weeks had a group of folk i play with to this day was enjoying games with out crashing constantly or assholes with hacks spoiling every game.
    Im sure this post will get booed down by crying PC gamers hugging the PC with swedish underlighting they spent £2000 pounds on but lie on forums saying it was only £900 but this only goes to prove how pathetic they are.

    PC Master Race

    I know this is a few years old, but I'm appalled by the sheer ignorance shown in this post.

    10) We're not all "elitist twats", infact, every console has a horde of immature fanboys starting arguments for an excuse to have some sort of social activity in their dull lives.

    9) And table tennis is? Sorry, a lot of "professional gamers" spend hours upon hours of training to compete in these "e-sports", not to mention that e-sports are not PC exclusive, with quite a lot of professional events for consoles.

    8) Hmm, and yet you can buy "chips" for your consoles, so that you can do the same thing you claim is PC gaming exclusive. Not every PC gamer pirates with games, with a vast majority of the games getting sold for sub $10, who needs to pirate?

    7) Whilst your "reason" targets a small number of PC gamers, I'd like to point out that there are far more examples of obese console gamers.

    6) Because getting the most out of your money is a bad thing?

    5) You seem to have gotten your prices from themostexpensivepcequipmentever.com, as a decent gaming PC that lasts several years can be bought for less than $500. Not to mention, that when you have the computer, you can enjoy the benefits of majorly discounted games and not worry about updating your rig for another few years.

    4) MMORPGs are available on any console and have nothing to do with anyone going outside.

    3) This is awfully ironic, considering the hateful nature of your idiotic nonsense.

    2) Because one person represents the whole of PC Gaming, good job.

    1) Some more stereotyping hey? I'll be sure to remember this one when I play against a xX-__720_n05c0p3z__-Xx on Xbox Live.

    - pcmasterrace.net


    Consoles and pcs are both great platforms for gaming. I own many consoles and a PC so I'm not biased about this. I am sick and tired of PC gamers focusing on graphics though, for about 2 decades gamers didn't give two shits about how a game can only be good if it has good graphics. PC gamers should stop calling consoles inferior because there not. A controller is far more better than a mouse and keyboard.


    Hilarious and sadly true of many (not all) PC gamers. Most are elitist JO's that go out of their way to troll and spam the heck out of message boards with walls of useless self inflated text to tout their prowess (on the net that is, as most are spineless door mats in real life). To make matters worse far too many of them have hygiene problems and lack even the simplest form of "outside the basement" social skills. The MMORPG thing I just never understood. Those games suck, the game play and graphics are horrible and animation is stiff. Not to mention those games are usually devoid of any story or music to speak of, just a bunch of fat men dry humping their monitors over some poorly rendered female (who is likely controlled by another fat man) oh the irony.


    Who ever wrote this you are a fag. I PC and console game and I think that PC is better then the junk you call a "Xbox 360" or "PS3", Get a life.


    Console's are for little girls


    I am a pc gamer, and i have to say, this is BS,

    10 no we are not elitist twats, we just have a better system for gaming.
    9) I do not participate in e-sports but if i ever do it will probably be to win a prize.
    8) Ok yeah piracy is a problem but not every pc gamer pirates
    7) Theres more to the pc gaming realm than just the 12 year olds in their parents basements. Theres people who have an ACTUAL LIFE that game casually. Not all of us are a bunch of fat people playing MMORPGs
    6) We do not spend much time in BIOS. When we build a computer sure we go into Bios a couple times but when we optimize it, we usually never go back there unless we replace parts. Hell i barely spent 15 minutes in bios for the life of my computer (4 Years)
    5) Sure some of us have a lot of money, but that doesnt mean that we are a bunch of elitist twats. You probably threw that in because you are jealous.
    4) I hate MMORPGs, and frankly not as many pc gamers play them as you think. Plus they are on your shitty consoles too.
    3) No we are not always complaining. It doesnt matter if you are on a pc or not, if you buy a game and it turns out to be shit, like everything after call of duty world at war, you probably would get mad that you bought it and that the devs turned it into crap,
    2) Thats only one of us who made that. Jeez.
    1) L33Tspeak is on Xbox and PS too.

    Ira Mylchreest

    Why can't anyone accept that all gaming systems, whether it be PC or console, are equal. Sure, some systems are better than others in different ways, but they are also worse in other ways. Take Xbox and Playstation, the PSN is free, but is prone to lag, Xbox Live is non-lag, but it isn't free.

    No one whats to hear you say how bad Xbox, Playstation, Wii, or PC is. Before you complain, ask yourself this, have a owned that system or played it for a long time? If you can answer yes, you have a right to complain. I'm sick of hearing people say they hate a system, when I ask them If they ever played it, they say no. Don't complain, just play, I mean that's why we call ourselves gamers, right?

    Davis Stevens

    I hope you and your console but buddies enjoy 30fps and getting fucked over by Microcock and Gaystation fag.


    I own a pc xbox 360 ps3. I quit playing on councils because simply put its a cheap pc. Xbox rapes you with there monthly memberships, ps3 network sucks, but its free. The graphics makes your eyes bleed. And the lag is horrible. I would play cod,gears of war, Forza motor sports, mass effect, the list goes on. My pc has a r9 290 it is four times more powerful than Xboxone , and three times ps4, graphics. My i5 3570k is four times more powerful than the cpu's in these new councils. So i have a brain and i like to build my own rig. Any idiot can buy a council!


    Utter C**t


    And your argument is logical?

    bronze arrow


    I think of two things bad about console gamers.
    1. They're all twelve year olds who can not form a proper logical argument.
    2. They like to take it up the ass by corporate bull sh*t.

    </3 The hate

    Sheesh why hate? Just play games where ever you can. I'll play Tic Tac Toe with someone out in the dirt.


    Who does this simpleton think he is. It's quite obvious he is a little bit jealous. Such a biased idiot.

    1. PC's last ;longer than stupid consoles.

    2. We don't moan, I mean how can we when we got a PC and not some little wooden piece of junk called an xbox. AND your actually the little bitcch moaning...

    3. More money than sense? WHat an absolute twat. I saved up years for my beast which only cost me 1,000 euro. And look who is talking. Anyone who buys a console has already lost their sense. Getting a PC was well worth it than my stupid xbox 360. I got banned everytime I renewed my membership for 12 months of xbox live and I never got my money back and I have no way of contacting the pricks.


    Jackel I am should someone with a "brain" can spell console and not council.

    That guy

    quote from "bronze arrow"

    "I think of two things bad about console gamers.
    1. They're all twelve year olds who can not form a proper logical argument.
    2. They like to take it up the ass by corporate bull sh*t."

    How is that logical? No proof or facts there...sounds like profiling to me lol.


    Just to give a point-by-point response:

    #10 - Your entire article is basically elitist twattishness.
    #9 - There are plenty of e-sport tournaments for console games… FIFA, Street Fighter, Halo?
    #8 - Court cases regarding modded consoles are happening as we speak, not to mention the slow, painful death of the PSP because of piracy.
    #6 - Which is why the entire console world is still playing their PSOnes. Hmm…
    #5 - I bought a console, now I need new controllers, oh just let me get a Kinect/Move/random Wii controller…
    #4 - Can’t think of any console MMORPGs. Oh, wait, I can think of several. And are we really going to pretend people play less hours of Call of Duty, and that console games are less of a time sink? Final Fantasy, anyone?
    #3 - Yet you wrote an article claiming that PC gamers should be beaten to death. Ironic.
    #2 - I assume this is supposed to be a complaint about case modders... haven't you seen any of the crappy Xbox mods out there? Yuck.
    #1 - Of course, I much prefer getting called a fag on Xbox Live by a 9 year old than having to randomly translate letters to numbers and back again. *eyeroll*

    I would also like to thank "xXxH4l0_5n1p3rxXx" for not only proving that "l33tspeak" isn't only a PC phenomenon, but for also showing the article writer to be a hypocritical moron. *slowclaps*



    If there was a 'like' button, I'd be mashing it.

    Granny Lackluster

    Guys, it says right at the top if you hover over the image that this article is a joke.


    This article is a massive pile of strawmen and stereotypes, you should be ashamed for even writing this.

    As SirusDragon pointed out, everything you've said can be equally applied to console gamers. Stop spouting bullshít.


    alright even though i disagree completely with this article, one must face facts, we have illogical idiots in both console, and PC now in FPS games i will admit us PC gamers have you Console gamers beat, however in average gameplay of MMO or RPG we are even, now you console gamers have us beat in alot of fighter based or side scrolling style games becuase lets face it game controllers just work better, but simple fact any one who is going to whine and complain about the other style just becuase they themselves dont have the skills to game better or actualy work at something they want to do instead of just sitting and bitching like a squealing pig dont deserve to be on the internet or.. for that matter dont deserve to have the thumbs to work either a game controller or computer keyboard ;)


    10. They're elitist twats
    I am sorry but your consoles ARE inferior. Anything console can do, PC can do better. Console can maybe boast of a few exclusive games on PS3 or Xbox , everything else can be played on a simulator app. There's no such thing as a contributing modmaker for console but the mods community of PC is immensely huge. We are just better. Nya~

    9. 'E-sports'
    Gotta agree with you on this matter.

    8. They're filthy pirates
    Hm, the pot is calling the kettle black and full of soots. As if there's not a hugely bigger portion of pirated games for consoles.
    As for the complaints of game developers, that's for another discussion. I have to cut back on my response.

    7. They make the rest of us look like nerds
    We are sorry for making you into something you dont want to be. Although it's hard to imagine why as you are fully capable of doing that to yourself. I mean, it's not as if a big portion of game nerds are not consoletards, right? right.
    Instead of blaming PC game nerds, why dont you do something about yourself: bath more often, dont loudmouth about your games in public, etc and etc... We dont want to hear about your games the same way we dont want to hear about your big fat lies about your golf scores.

    6: They're shameless graphics whores.
    5: The have more money than sense
    It's hard to refute these charge because a huge portion of us is whores in this particular issue. I can point to shameless graphics whores of console games but it's hard to do so because genuine shameless graphics whores WOULD and will migrate to PC due to easier to satisfy hardware upgrades. A bunch of money dont get you a prettier and more powerful console rig but it can in PC.

    4: MMORPGS
    Believe you me, PC gamers curse MMORPGs as much. They are the tarts, the shameless flirt, the shallow airheads, and the social butterflies of the family. You want to hate them? Fine, get in line.

    3: They're always complaining.
    We are a hard to please bunch. The gleaming pile of hatred and bitterness who watch too many promises made and broken over the decades, too many compromises made in the name of innoveishun but just a cover for easy profit, too many promising innovations dropped in favour of the more profitable traditional.

    And dont complain. The likeminds in consoles were and are migrating to us because no one among console audience want to listen to them. You, my friends, are a flighty bunch. At least among us they can find common interests.
    #2: UGH.
    That phenomenon is not limited to PC alone. Dont try to obsfuscate the issue. After all, you just have to look at Bayonetta and Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Ball to see that. Blame that on PC isjust plain ridiculous.
    #1: L33TSPEAK
    The easiest way to show yourself being a stupid nerd. We just dont need to speak like that prove ourselves superior to consoletards. After all we ARE superior. End of story.
    Even among PC crowds speak like that got snickers.


    anybody feel like beating this snot in a game of shadowrun?


    Excellent way of describing, and nice post to take data concerning my presentation topic, which i am going to convey in school.


    Perhaps the author of this article was wronged by a PC gamer? Perhaps the individual had a bad online game experience and deeply wounded by such an emotionally scarring experience felt he needed to take his frustration out at the world. Maybe his guild mate was a Leeroy, maybe his L4D teammate was a maverick, or his DOTA partner was a feeder. Maybe he was trolled, who knows?

    However, this individual clearly felt he needed to vent, but to write a passage complaining about an individual would seem petty and childish, so in an effort to appear as a reasonable but frustrated adult, decided that, upon perusing a few cartoons and internet articles the individual now knew everything there was to know about computer gamers in general.

    It likely never occurred to him that posting an article on PC gamers online would be like walking into an Irish bar and telling them they're all shamrock-wearing drunks.

    Thank heavens for the anonymity of the internet, eh?

    Sam Taylor

    I as, a PC gamer say this is all absolute BULLSHIT. To say the least that is. None of this is true, especially the bit about is all being angry? If anything console gamers are way worse on that. I used to be a console gamer fora long time. I still am part time. Console gamers are, by far worse when it comes to anger. Please, For all of our poor souls, NEVER EVER PUT ANYTHING ON THE INTERNET EVER AGAIN. EVER!


    Condemning all PC gamers as such is just... I own a fairly decent PC, an Xbox 360 and a PS3 and honestly consider myself to not fit into any of that reasoning :p I'm hoping all of this is just a joke :)

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