10 reasons to hate PC gamers

PC gamers: who needs 'em?

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Reasons to hate PC gamers #6: They're shameless graphics whores

PC gamers don't really care about gameplay. They’re more interested in teasing a few extra frames per second out of their ridiculously overpriced ‘gaming rig.’ When you spend more time fiddling around in BIOS than actually playing, it's time to face facts: you're no longer a gamer.

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noble 6


You see, while you PC gaming morons are here arguing with some other idiots, the rest of the xbox live and psn are playing their halo, cod, lbp2, and uncharted.



I can't believe they let an uneducated piece of twat work for such a company, an Australian too! Hell even my 8 year old son have more knowledge of a personal computer than you. Overclocking is not only for gaming but increased performance in CPU rendering, server performance and video encoding.



I'll tell some pro racers that they spent too much time tweaking their cars and don't race enough.
I mean, they aren't true racers, right?



Forgetting that the VAST majority of PC gamers DON'T overclock. And most overclockers don't spend that much time in the BIOS. Once an overclock is set, that's it, it's done, on to gaming. If you think we don't care about gameplay then you don't understand that overclocking might remove that bottleneck and make gameplay more smooth(likely if it's old hardware). Quit grasping for straws and give a real answer.

As for Piracy, things like Steam, GOG, GreenManGaming and all the other epic game e-tailers(or whatever you want to call them) have for the most part made that a thing of the past. When I can wait and buy a game for 50% off+ why not, hell I got Borderlands 2 Pre-ordered for $40, and it later went on sale for $37(what, $60 retail?). I can't the last time I paid full retail price for a game.



This is quite possibly the most ignorant piece of trash I have read in all of my internet browsing days.



April fools, right?

Alexander the Mate


PC Gamers dont care about gameplay? Consoles release 4-5 good games in a year. This is laughable. If you agree with this article, please get off your macbook air and go pwn some more newbs on your new $60 Call of Duty game, which is basically just a reskinned version of a previous release. Dont forget to buy any available map packs, ESPECIALLY the ones they take from previous games and make higher resolution.

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10 reasons to hate PC gamers

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