The Best of CES 2011

Here's what we loved at this year's CES show.

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<h2>MSI Butterfly Concept Tablet</h2><br><br>MSI's Butterfly concept tablet wants to beat the [[xref:|dreaded "gorilla arms"|Touch and Gorilla Arm]] fatigue effect that comes from using a [[xref:|touch-enabled all-in-one|MSI's New All-in-Ones Boast Impressive Tech on a Budget]]. The Butterfly's screen slides down toward you, so you can tap away on the ten-finger multitouch display, iPad-style. There's also a keyboard tucked into a secret compartment at the rear of the stand. It's still just a concept, but bear in mind that MSI's last concept all-in-one became the [[xref:|MSI AE2420 3D|MSI AE2420 3D]]. <i> &#8212; Nate Ralph</i>

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