Six overhyped 2011 games that probably won't deliver

Six of 2011's biggest potential gaming disappointments

Six overhyped 2011 games that probably won't deliver next


Portal 2: Look, we know this is going to be controversial. But we just think that Portal 2 is going to be the difficult second album. Now that it's being tailored for consoles as well as PCs, and it's getting the mass-market treatment, we think Portal 2 is going to be dumbed down and cutesier than the original. Don't get us wrong, we'll play it, but we just think it's going to be aimed at the kiddy, easy-to-play market. We're holding out hope to be surprised, but let's be honest - does anyone else remember how bad Call of Duty 3 was on the Wii? Once the mainstream market picks up on what used to be an original concept, it messes it up.

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You do know that the first Portal game already was on consoles and it was exactly the same on PC, right?
It can only get better.
Don't be such a PC elitist fanboy. You made a terrible argument.



OBVIOUSLY you haven't seen gameplay versed around the single player campaign. You're probably judging Portal 2 based on the commercials being shown on TV. BTW if you were smart you would know that those bots are for THE CO-OP STORY! not the single player. get your facts right before you jump to conclusions



The portal reason is just truly bizzare. Kind of shocked that a person working for a game magazine can even make such a weird conparison and use it as evidence that the ps3/360 ports will cause the game to be "dumbed down" even though the original game was on those systems as well!
This person must just sit in their own little bubble.

Jakey Bee


Even playing Portal on Orange Box for PS3 was incredible, and Steam will definitely be getting mucho dolares for Portal 2. Valve delivers. You're just trying to get some attention, PCWorld AU. Probably because you're Australian and not American.



You do realize that the "cute" robots are only in coop right? The single player is still Chell. Some of the gameplay videos they've shown had much more complex puzzles than anything in Portal. The robots just make better 30sec commercials, thats all.

And the first one had console ports as well. While it is true that so many games that go multiplatform are often dumbed down, I just don't see that with Portal 2. Valve still has a huge audience on PC, so that market is important to them (especially because of Steam).
I doubt they would abandon their audience for a bunch of CoD kids.



I understand his argument, and it makes sense. He's going on the 'If it isn't broke, don't fix it' logic. Unfortunately, sometimes, games and other products are changed to appeal to larger crowds, even if it means losing its originality or uniqueness.

He's not saying it's definitely going to be a bad game; he's just concerned that it will turn out to be a sub-par game. So hopefully, this article is incorrect about Portal 2.



I don't think Valve has dumbed any of their sequels down. Ever. They don't have a big publisher pressing down on them. They truly seem to design games to be good and not just to sell well. And finally, they've had a solid three years to get it right.

But that's all kinda moot, isn't it? The concern here isn't about whether Portal 2 will be good, nor even if it will be as good as the original Portal. The question is whether it'll "deliver" on its massive hype. And that's the real flaw of this article: it's all just speculation, pandering to the hater crowd in the gamer community.



Valve doesn't "dumb down" their games, EVER.
Not to mention that Chell is still in single player, and the robots are only for the co-op mode.
Oh, and the first Portal had console ports.

You're clearly either an idiot, or just vying for attention, and are unfortunately succeeding.

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Six overhyped 2011 games that probably won't deliver

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