Six overhyped 2011 games that probably won't deliver

Six of 2011's biggest potential gaming disappointments

Driver: San Francisco: We love driving games — they're almost as fun as getting out of your basement and actually driving a car. But we're not looking forward to Driver: San Francisco, to be honest. There's a simple reason for this — since the original, the Driver series of games has seen a slow but consistent slump in quality. Don't believe us? Just look at the aggregate review scores from Metacritic: the original, the second and the third. Unless there's a miracle, our (admittedly shaky) maths says we should expect a score of 20/100. Eep.

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This is sounding stupid

"Now that it's being tailored for consoles as well as PCs, and it's getting the mass-market treatment, we think Portal 2 is going to be dumbed down and cutesier than the original"

Portal 1 was on 3 platforms and Portal 2 is on... 3 platforms. Obviously a good gaming site.

And how is Driver: SF overhyped? I hadn't heard of it until now and noone is talking about it.



How can a game be overrated when no one knows about it?



first time ive heard of driver: SF and i scour through games sites every single how can it be overhyped? who is writing this rubbish?

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  • olit123

    Now this game I have heard less than amazing things about from people who've played it.


    I agree with Duke nukem... I honestly have always thought that serious was horrible with a completely unlikable and immature character.

    bob the builder

    well i think they're deliberately trying to be contraversial. do us a favour and pick on a more obvious title like the next over hyped, over played and over-the-hill call of duty series. they need to take this genre to the next level before we all die of old age. :)

  • Worthless Article

    This is speculative trash. If you're going to write an article of this nature, then research your subject. If you're going to down-talk a game then back it up with research and legitimate reasons why. The only two of these that I agree might be a disappointment are Duke Nukem, simply because of the bad stigma attached to it and it's dated gameplay formula (not to mention the aging of the original fanbase), and Driver, because no one was hyped for that game in the first place. And looking at your odds, I feel like you must've gotten those two right by accident. The others are solid IPs being fleshed out by exceptional developers with pedigree, and monstrous funding to back it up.

    Think before you publish. Kthanx.


    First time hearing of this site (thx N4G for another stupid site) and clearly they dont follow the games that much butthurt pc fanboys because portal is on consoles and in SWTOR you dont craft you let your companions craft when your oflline so GG there for not following the game

    Jakey Bee

    This I can totally agree with. MMO is always disappoint. Like DCUO, or Cataclysm.

    David Hollingsworth

    The Diablo 3 one is a hard one to agree with. Another game that people said this about was Starcraft 2, and that has become one of if not the best RTS games of all time, and it will single handedly save Esports. I was a lot of faith in Blizzard so I think Diablo will be fine

    oh hay

    oh hay look i don't have to register to make a comment...


    Just wanted to say this writer for PC world should have done a lot more research for the games he/she is reporting on and maybe give a opinion on some games he/she knows about not just take a game that seems like a good rant and pick and unsupported reasons a game might fail...

    As for this game, I must say for the average gamer this game wont be for them as they might have not ever played a MMO in their life time... but as far as MMOs go it will be what was promised.

    Also, "If only you knew the power of the DarkSide!"



    First time hearing of this site (thx N4G for another stupid site) and clearly they dont follow the games that much butthurt pc fanboys because portal is on consoles and in SWTOR you dont craft you let your companions craft when your oflline so GG there for not following the game.

  • Mark McMillan

    Okay, Holy smokes people!

    To start, Portal2 was actually released on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, so you're whole argument of it now being released to the "mainstream" market is invalid. It is invalid because the original was also released to the "mainstream" market and it fared pretty well. Second, if you actually take a look at the game play, the concepts of the levels look a lot more complex than in the previous title. Plus the developers have said that the whole game will be much longer. Also they said the characters will be more developed than in the first title, so the "cutesy" aspect that you talk about is probably just new characters fully realized.

    Holy mackerel, where did the call of duty 3 reference come from. First off this game will not be releasing on the Wii, second you can't compare a game that went from PC to Wii, to a game that is going from PC to PS3/Xbox 360. Just not the same argument. The problems that occur from porting from PC to Wii will be different from PC to XBOX360/PS3, so whatever problems that would hinder the game on Wii wouldn't be the same on PS3/XBOX 360 (The PS3 and 360 would also pose different problems as well, but from my knowledge not as substantial as what the Wii would encounter).

    Never played Diablo so I can't comment on that one.

    The Duke Nukem one didn't even make sense to me.(Maybe I'm too tired but I doubt it)

    For SW who knows how old that pic is, it could be from very early in the development cycle. If you look at what recently happened with Crysis 2 on PS3, (The demo was an old build, but the final looked way better) the same situation could apply. If this is an old picture, then the improvements may not be seen. Also you cannot compare every other MMO to this one without knowing what the game play entails. You could be right, but you don't know that yet, and therefore can't put the game down for something that it hasn't done yet. Like putting a person in jail because you think they might commit a crime. On top of all that you demoralize the excited fans because they can see the potential this game offers.

    The driver 4 argument is probably the most valid of the six. Although I wouldn't consider this game over hyped. I have only heard of this game once, and that was at E3, although I could be wrong about it being over advertised (that is what over hyped means by the way).

    Mark McMillan

    Finally I reach the one that pisses me off just as much as the portal two "argument". It's about time that a game came along and tried to change the way we look at games. L.A Noire looks to encourage us to think twice about a character, and the if we judge the truth properly, the quicker, and easier the cases will be solved.
    Yet you guys seemed to overlook this HUGE detail, and deemed this to be a "guns-'n'-gangsters game" when you are actually trying to capture criminals not necessarily gangsters. Also it has a huge emphasis on detective work so its not just about the guns.

    Also if you look at the track record of the developer, Team Bondi (Through Rockstar games), you find that they arebeing published by the makers of GTA, one of the best series of all time. Most of Rockstars games are in green on Metacritic, a site used to so whole heartily against the Driver series. I wonder why you chose not to include that in this article. Okay sure it's not all the same developers making the games, but the point is that most of the games published by Rockstar are in the green.

    "Ever since the game's announcement, we've been bombarded with LA Noire marketing material: screenshots, trailers, concept art... it seems like every day there's something new coming out. And that worries us, to be honest — shouldn't Rockstar be concentrating on, y'know, the game itself?"

    First of all the game was announced around the same time as GTA IV, around 4 years ago, with one teaser trailer. Then around three years later the next bit of information came out. It was no longer exclusive. One year later(about Dec of 2010) videos started being released showing the tech behind the game, and small amounts of gameplay. On IGN there are 10 videos and 53 pictures of the game. While battlefield 3 already has 9 videos, and it is still approximately 8 months away, while L.A Noire is a little over a month. Secondly releasing a few video's about the game a few months before the release isn't going to kill the game.
    What are they supposed to do, finish the game and TELL NO ONE that it is coming out, or show them nothing and expect them to buy it based on their word alone.

    And shouldn't you be excited about new stuff coming out. I mean come on, of all the reasons to hate on a game, you choose "every time we turn around something new comes out". We finally get a game that really innovates and you crap all over it.

    That is my opinion on how well this article has been written. I find it appalling that whoever wrote this is probably getting paid. I've written a more thought out COMMENT, then their ARTICLE. Hey, Maybe I can have a job, and people might be satisfied with what they read.
    The reasons that this person gave are 100% crap. I hope this article was a joke. I really do, because I can come up with something 800 times better in less than an hour.potential this game offers.
    I'm being serious when I say I want a job, fire this goof and sign me up!


    This site is dumb as hell. You play as a cop in L.A. Noire, you retards, and you solve different cases, no one knows if it's going to revolve around the mafia, but most likely it won't since you solve different cases that probably aren't interconnected. Also Rockstar is publishing, not developing. Also why would you bring Mafia 2 in it when it was developed by 2K Czech not Rockstar? I should actually write for this site and make it more credible, because it's obvious you guys don't do your homework and are only trying to make troll articles to generate hits.


    Why isn't an actual overhyped game on the list like Dead Island. No gameplay and it doesn't have any of the emotional punch the trailer did according to sites yet everyone's looking so forward to it.

    pc world sucks

    your a moron mafia and la noire are two different games entirely.


    Well spoken, and very good points,, i think most of you guys in here must be in your 20's or younger,lol So your perspective on the buisness of gaming and how it operates is minimal to non-existent, which is why you dont get what he's sayn, lol.


    Yeah, this site is retarded.



    Are you for real? Rockstar Games is publishing L.A Noire, they're not developing it. As a publisher they are marketing the game... And if you have been following news about the game you would know that it's not until recently we've begun getting news regularly...

    That's because the game is nearing it's release, and It's a new concept so it needs marketing so that the game doesn't fail miserably (in sales terms).

    And what do you mean "even since the games announcement"? The game was announced in 2006.... We never saw or heard anything major about the game until the latter half of last year.

    Gah. Agreeing on the fact that this site and this list is an utter fail.


    my mistake i didn't read your comment properly.


    This list is an utter fail.

    If you're looking for hits, I guess you've succeeded, meanwhile you've made your website and Australia look nonsensical and even further displaced from the real world.

    - Embarrassed Australian


    Rockstar has nothing to do with the Mafia games made by 2K.
    Give Rockstar a chance to see what they can do.

    Wally G.

    Do you have any clue what LA Noire is about? That fact that you think it's going to belike Mafia has me thinking that you don't.


    I dont know about the other games but i dont think L.A. Noire should be on that list. I mean although there's a possibility that it might be a disappointment that always exists when it comes to gaming, that game is shaping up to be something interesting.


    Well Rockstar is owned by 2K so i'm guessing thats what he was getting at... Still no reason to have it on the list.


    Seriously? They should be focused on making the game not releasing information? You obviously don't know how the development of a game works, or just separation of workload. Obviously you can work on a game, while people who work for your company, like say, I don't know, MARKETING REPRESENTATIVES can release information on a game while the developers actually work on the game itself.

    This entire article provides unsound arguments, which started when you compared Portal 2 (a PC game going to 360/PS3) to the Wii version of Call of Duty 3 (which didn't end up the way it was to appeal to mainstream, it did so because of hardware limitations, not to mention COD 3 wasn't even on PC).


    Rockstar are not only masters of developing, they're also masters of marketing.
    Remember GTA IV with the biggest marketing campaign a videogame ever had?
    It was a succes and it's record sales still aren't beaten.

    Don't mess with Rockstar.
    They never fail.
    Just like Valve.

    SO F*** YOU and f***this top 5.

    bob the builders bruv

    Holy moley these guys really do talk some **** Rockstar are the daddy of computer game makers...ask anybody in the know! L.A. Noire is going to be a very different type of gaming experience to the GTA series, we all know this. But do you honestly believe the Houser brothers(rockstar founders) are going to risk their reputation, i doubt it. These guys really do know what it takes to make a classic game...there that told you ;-)


    You new to the game world? If you aren't you should know how Rockstar works, they release a few trailers showing some gameplay and some features of the game; not everything is shown, but full story details are left for the player to find out. The arguments are not unsound, you probably work for this stupid site, you're probably the retard that wrote this article.


    Why is every article on n4g now a bunch of whining hipsters talking trash about anything popular? "Top reason why xbox/playstation suck" "why this game is overrated" "why i was disappointed at e3" WOW. Can we get some new online journalists that are not a bunch of whining pretentious pseudo-intellectuals?

    The Truth

    Who is the moron responsible for this article?


    Are you seriously suggesting just because Mafia II, (a game not even devoloped by the same company,) was mediocre that LA noire will be? By that justification I bet you thould Red Dead Redemption was going to blow because of Call Of Juarez.

    And judging by the fact that GODDAMN BIOWARE is devoloping SWTOR, yes, I honestly do believe it will look as good as that screenshot. If you don't remember, Bioware devoloped Knights Of The Old Republic, which received 9.5 across the board. Don't let your own blatant bias against MMO's factor into this article.

    And I'm not even going to mention Portal 2, there's been a slew of others who've already done just that.


    I fully agree with this list, all of those games will probably be OK but no spectacular.

    But LA Noir does have an amazing technology, i'll say that.


    I usually write long comments when I comment on an article but there is no reason to do so here I am not going to waste any time. The most important rule of journalism (at least if you want to be taken seriously) is to CHECK YOUR FACTS, absolutely everything you say completely contradicts all other information available from THOUSANDS of other sources on the internet, newspapers, and magazines. What the HELL are you talking about? Summary

    Portal has been mainstream on consoles since about a year after release

    SWTOR is completely different from just about any other MMO on the planet and bioware isn't known for screwing anything up

    Duke Nukem I agree with I dont think its going to be awful but 15 years and multiple studios closing and the fact that gearbox isn't developing this game but "fine tuning and polishing and putting the finishing touches on it" I just dont think it will meet the hype.

    LA Noire? You are an idiot I am sorry 9 out of 10 rockstar games are very good at the absolute least and this game is revolutionary in so many ways

    Driver also had not heard of before this its like you wanted to be "cool" and have a top 6 list instead of a top 5 so you just threw it in there.

    Diablo III

    There are a lot of harsh critical things I could say of your "research" I could go the politically correct route and give positive criticism or I could simply say the nastiest rudest things possible about how you have no idea at all what the hell you are talking about? but lets just call it a day and say all of the above.

    Little sidenote I and some friends have been working on our videogame review/preview website the last few months and we haven't even launched. You know why? WE ARE DOING OUR RESEARCH and we aren't going to basically troll the internet with a nonsensical story just to get "hate traffic" we are actually spending the time to do the proper research and try and be unique about how we approach it. This is pathetic I am sorry, and so you understand how bad it is for me to be saying the stuff I am to you?

    I rarely ever insult anyone ever! But you are making all journalists everywhere look like tools when you post crap like this and that is not something I will condone.

    Oh and your site took a good 10 minutes to load up on a high speed cable connection wtf?


    Commenters and article readers!

    Please do not be alarmed!


    Thank you for your time!

  • Ratscouser

    I notice this article says it is written by PC World staff, because the person who wrote it is probably too ashamed to name themselves, Blizzard especially have always delivered but you add to your general worthlessness by suggesting both Valve and Bioware won't get it right as well, somebody needs to stick to photocopying and making coffee.


    I don't want a different game, I want Diablo. Just like SC2 I know it will be a good game, whether it'll be as amazing and new this time round I don't care. All I know is that Blizzard have never made a bad game.

  • james

    The portal reason is just truly bizzare. Kind of shocked that a person working for a game magazine can even make such a weird conparison and use it as evidence that the ps3/360 ports will cause the game to be "dumbed down" even though the original game was on those systems as well!
    This person must just sit in their own little bubble.


    OBVIOUSLY you haven't seen gameplay versed around the single player campaign. You're probably judging Portal 2 based on the commercials being shown on TV. BTW if you were smart you would know that those bots are for THE CO-OP STORY! not the single player. get your facts right before you jump to conclusions


    Valve doesn't "dumb down" their games, EVER.
    Not to mention that Chell is still in single player, and the robots are only for the co-op mode.
    Oh, and the first Portal had console ports.

    You're clearly either an idiot, or just vying for attention, and are unfortunately succeeding.


    You do know that the first Portal game already was on consoles and it was exactly the same on PC, right?
    It can only get better.
    Don't be such a PC elitist fanboy. You made a terrible argument.


    where is your god now, portal had a 9.5 out of 10, ant it's pretty good,
    no bad reviews, no complains about dumb down stuff, it's not present on singleplayer, and only happens if you want in co-op


    I understand his argument, and it makes sense. He's going on the 'If it isn't broke, don't fix it' logic. Unfortunately, sometimes, games and other products are changed to appeal to larger crowds, even if it means losing its originality or uniqueness.

    He's not saying it's definitely going to be a bad game; he's just concerned that it will turn out to be a sub-par game. So hopefully, this article is incorrect about Portal 2.


    I don't think Valve has dumbed any of their sequels down. Ever. They don't have a big publisher pressing down on them. They truly seem to design games to be good and not just to sell well. And finally, they've had a solid three years to get it right.

    But that's all kinda moot, isn't it? The concern here isn't about whether Portal 2 will be good, nor even if it will be as good as the original Portal. The question is whether it'll "deliver" on its massive hype. And that's the real flaw of this article: it's all just speculation, pandering to the hater crowd in the gamer community.

    Jakey Bee

    Even playing Portal on Orange Box for PS3 was incredible, and Steam will definitely be getting mucho dolares for Portal 2. Valve delivers. You're just trying to get some attention, PCWorld AU. Probably because you're Australian and not American.


    You do realize that the "cute" robots are only in coop right? The single player is still Chell. Some of the gameplay videos they've shown had much more complex puzzles than anything in Portal. The robots just make better 30sec commercials, thats all.

    And the first one had console ports as well. While it is true that so many games that go multiplatform are often dumbed down, I just don't see that with Portal 2. Valve still has a huge audience on PC, so that market is important to them (especially because of Steam).
    I doubt they would abandon their audience for a bunch of CoD kids.

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