In Pictures: 15 high-impact Apache projects

From Harmony to Hadoop, Apache has been a powerful contributor to the open source ecosystem

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Subversion was founded by CollabNet in 2000. The version control system currently vies with Git for developer mindshare, but Greg Stein, vice president of Subversion, does not see it as a duel.

“There is no battle. Version control systems are tools, and development groups will choose the tool that works best for them. It makes sense to have many options.”

“The centralized repository, simple setup, access control, massive repository sizes, and a wide variety of clients is hugely favored by many businesses. Subversion is the most popular version control system in businesses by a huge margin,” Stein says.

The forthcoming Version 1.8 will offer client improvements related to moving files and directories. It will also offer improved merging and inheritable and server-defined properties.

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In Pictures: 15 high-impact Apache projects

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