In Pictures: 15 high-impact Apache projects

From Harmony to Hadoop, Apache has been a powerful contributor to the open source ecosystem

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This implementation of Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies is an Apache veteran since 1999. Tomcat is effectively a Java application server, and it has spawned such commercial products as Tcat Server from Mulesoft and VMware vFabric tc Server. There is also Apache TomEE, which is essentially the Java EE 6 Web Profile version of Tomcat. Plans for Tomcat 8 include support for Servlet 3.1 specification.

“The big new feature there is support for non-blocking I/O, which should enable highly scalable apps to be written more easily,” says Mark Thomas, a longtime participant in Apache’s development and release manager for Tomcat 4 and 7. WebSocket communications support, meanwhile, should help make applications more scalable by handling more messages.

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In Pictures: 15 high-impact Apache projects

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