In Pictures: 15 high-impact Apache projects

From Harmony to Hadoop, Apache has been a powerful contributor to the open source ecosystem

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HTTP Server

This project, aka “httpd,” features an HTTP server. “In many ways, Apache httpd is still the cornerstone of the Apache Software Foundation,” says Jagielski, who has been a committer to the project since 1995. “It would not be an overstatement to credit Apache httpd with the popularity, usefulness, and ubiquitous of the Web. Having a ‘free,’ open source, and fully compliant reference implementation allowed the Web to become as universal and pervasive as it has.”

The latest version, httpd 2.4.4, offers improved performance and suitability for cloud environments. “This includes dynamic reconfiguration of reverse-proxy setups, faster and more memory efficient request processing, support for asynchronous I/O, and a suite of new modules for in-process and on-the-fly content processing.”

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In Pictures: 15 high-impact Apache projects

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