In Pictures: Top Metro apps for Windows 8 power users

The Windows 8 Metro application ecosystem is evolving. Here are 17 early entrants worth adding to your tablet or PC

In Pictures: Top Metro apps for Windows 8 power users prev next



SimpiRSS The Windows Store is packed to the gills with RSS readers, and it’s easy to understand why: The Metro interface loves RSS feeds. Besides, with iGoogle hitting the skids later this year, you may need a new RSS aggregator anyway. This Windows Phone veteran brings several useful features to the table: importing from Google Reader or OPML files, searching for feeds using keywords, and creating named groups of feeds.

(If you really want full-screen immersive photos in your news feeder, check out News Bento.)

Previous versions of SimpiRSS for Metro have been buggy and frustrating. The current version is better, but not perfect.

SimpiRSS: Free

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