In Pictures: 10 greatest superheroes of high tech

The Hulk, Professor X, Iron Man -- the superhero alter egos of today's top tech leaders revealed!

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Jeff Bezos is ... Dr. Manhattan Don't let the lack of blue skin fool you; like the Watchmen's Dr. Jon Osterman (aka Manhattan), Bezos is an individual of unusual power, able to move freely between the past, present, and future of cloud commerce. Presumed dead after the dot-bomb implosion of the late 1990s, Bezos engineered a remarkable resurrection, transforming Amazon from an online bookseller to a powerhouse in the field of retail goods, entertainment, and computing. With the passing of the Dark Knight, Bezos is perhaps the only individual in the tech realm with the power to create markets with the introduction of a single device -- provided he can avoid those tachyon particles. Watch out, journalism. You're next on the telekinetic Dr. Manhattan's to-save list.

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