In Pictures: The 'Bad Boys' of open source

The open source world's most notorious characters.

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Theo de Raadt Theo de Raadt, the rather outspoken developer with a knack for ruffling feathers, founded OpenBSD and OpenSSH.

"Low code quality keeps haunting our entire industry. That, and sloppy programmers who don't understand the frameworks they work within. They're like plumbers high on glue."

About Linux: "It's terrible, everyone is using it, and they don't realize how bad it is. And the Linux people will just stick with it and add to it rather than stepping back and saying, 'This is garbage and we should fix it.’"

About Richard Stallman: " are being the usual slimy hypocritical [CENSORED]... You may have had value ten years ago, but people will see that you don't anymore."

"Difficult." - Linus Torvalds on Theo de Raadt, Forbes, June 16, 2005

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In Pictures: The 'Bad Boys' of open source

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