In Pictures: Google Chromebook Buyer's Guide

Chromebooks are Web-centric alternatives to laptops that, while not for everyone, are coming into their own. To help you decide if one is right for you, answers common Chromebooks questions and takes a look at the current lineup.

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Google Chromebook Pixel Google's Pixel is the Cadillac of Chromebooks and priced accordingly, at $1,299 for Wi-Fi; $1,449 for Wi-Fi and LTE. The 12.85-inch screen "has the highest pixel density of any laptop," says Google, with 239 pixels-per-inch. The Pixel (released Feb. 2013) is one of only two touchscreen Chromebooks; the other is the Acer C720P ($299). Pixel weighs 3.35 pound. and holds a five-hour battery charge, says Google.

Computerworld reviewer JR Raphael bought a Pixel and, six months later, wrote that it's "the nicest computer I've ever used. The design and build quality are simply out of this world." He adds that "other computers have perfectly passable screens, but this one is downright luxurious."

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In Pictures: Google Chromebook Buyer's Guide

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