In Pictures: The wearables of Mobile World Congress.

MWC stands for 'more wearables coming'. Wearable tech was big at CES, and now the mania continues at Mobile World Congress. This week’s line-up in Barcelona has included plenty of weird-looking things to put on your head - but we ignored all the headgear to focus on stuff normal people might want to actually wear.

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Bionym Nymi Fingerprint sensors are all the rage in biometrics now, but they can get so…schmutzy. But you know what’s a lot harder to gunk up? The Bionym Nymi bracelet, which uses not your fingerprint, but your pulse as a biometric security key. The Nymi is still a prototype, but Bionym says it will pair with smartphone apps to unlock things like your car and electronic wallet.

The company reminds us that passwords can be hacked, fingerprint sensors can be fooled, and car keys can be stolen. But our pulses are more secure. You authenticate Nymi by touching your finger to the bracelet, and dual electrodes hidden within the clasp capture your pulse’s unique waveform. That’s the pitch, at least.

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In Pictures: The wearables of Mobile World Congress.

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