In Pictures: 25 years of the World Wide Web

Tech leaders reflect on the the Web and all the good and bad changes it's brought.

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Howard Schmidt, former White House CyberSecurity Coordinator Howard Schmidt sees the positives about the growth of the Web, as well as the dark side of it.

Today, Schmidt is the CEO of R&H Security Consulting, but he spent 31 years working in the White House. A former White House security adviser, he became special adviser for cyberspace security just three months after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

“How do you measure the importance of something that replaced 3x5 cards?” he asked, adding that greater changes are ahead, especially with search. “In the future, it will be less about having a computer and the structure we’re used to. You won’t have to search for something. It’ll be your data and if you want something, there it is.”

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In Pictures: 25 years of the World Wide Web

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