Perform in-line calculations in Word

Sometimes it's handy to be able to calculate numbers quickly directly in the text of a document, without using a table or equation editor.

In Word versions 6.0 to 2000, this rather straightforward function is well-hidden and poorly documented. Here are the steps:

1.Type in the numbers to be calculated, arranged like a formula, followed by an equal sign. Use the plus and minus keyboard characters to indicate addition and subtraction, an asterisk to show multiplication, and a forward slash for division. You can surround parts of your equation with parentheses to break the calculation into parts. For example: (225.30 + 115.25)*.07 = or (100+125+227+115)/4 =. (Word will ignore spaces in your formula.)2. Next, select the formula - without its equal sign - and press -C to copy it to the clipboard. Move the insertion point past the equal sign, and then select Table-Formula.

3. Press -V to paste your formula into the Formula dialogue box, and then click OK. Word will insert the results of the calculation as a field in your text at the insertion point. Consult Word's online help if you want to learn how to use bookmarks or table cell references in lieu of pasting in the formula's current values.