Bored? Here's an Easter egg

One of the least important yet most popular features of any software is its so-called Easter egg, a hidden feature you activate by pressing a set of secret keystrokes. A typical Easter egg yields a video clip, animation or program credits.

In Internet Explorer 4, click Help-About Internet Explorer.

Hold down while you drag the small "e" icon to the left - along the black line, down and across the globe, then across the IE logo. Release the mouse when the logo moves out of the way.

Click the Unlock button that appears. Hold down again, drag the "e" to the shaking globe and drop it there.

A credits screen will roll across the screen, along with gags about dubious features that never made it into IE 4, such as the Scratch 'n' Sniff Toolbar.

You can read about the Easter eggs in your favourite software by heading to The Easter Egg Archive at