BigPond cuts wires from ADSL

BigPond has taken the wires out of its broadband service, launching a new wireless ADSL kit for home users.

The kit, which will be available in stores on Monday, will include a wireless ADSL modem, installation CD, wireless connections, wireless USB Adaptor and a "Things you need to know" guide, designed especially for the wireless service. The modem provided in the kit is a Thomson SpeedTouch 570 wireless modem, while the USB adapter is being supplied by NetGear.

Customers will need to have Windows 2000 or XP operating system installed on their laptop or desktop PC in order to use the service. Users will also be able to link multiple devices to the service, Telstra said.

According to Telstra's BigPond managing director Justin Milne, the wireless modem supplied in its ADSL wireless kit offers a service range of around 60 metres and comes with built-in security features.

The ADSL wireless kit will cost $399 on a 24-month contract.

The kit will be available from Telstra stores as well as Harvey Norman, Dick Smith Electronics stores.