PC Game -- ER

There's a new intern at Chicago's County General Hospital ready to tackle hordes of patients with wounds and illnesses, and to do the bidding of senior staffers as they see fit. But it's all in a day's work. That's right, there's nothing too big to handle in Legacy's latest TV-to-game conversion, ER. You'll have to work your way up from bottom-feeding intern to intrepid master surgeon with skill and finesse, while constantly juggling gruelling hours and maintaining important workplace relationships.

ER plays out similarly to The Sims in that your character evolves both physically and psychologically depending on how you interact with your colleagues and the manner in which you advance your doctoring skills. You have the power to specialise in whatever field of medicine you wish, with further advancements leading to unlockable bonus skills and attributes.

Although you start your new career assessing minor injuries, it won't be long until you're thrown into the middle of a fully-fledged emergency. In keeping with the show's dramatic structure, these play out as signature plot twists in each level of the game.

However, where the game really shines is with the stellar performance from TV ER actors Noah Wyle, Mekhi Phifer and Sherry Stringfield, who lend their voices to the game. Not only do they add to the illusion of working in a busy hospital, they also portray the humour and sincerity for which the TV show is renowned.

Overall, the little that ER does in terms of gameplay, it does well. It's obvious that Legacy has toned down the game's content to suit the broad fan base that the show appeals to, but at the same time, it's not too simple to scare away gaming enthusiasts.

Visuals: Very much like The Sims 2 in places; actor's faces aren't perfect, but effective overall.
Audio: Superb vocals from the original actors, sound effects are nicely implemented.
Gameplay: Slightly repetitive gameplay and tasks could be longer or more involved.
Score: 31/2
Developer: Legacy Interactive
Distributor: Legacy Interactive
URL: www.ergame.com
Price: $49.95