Linspire heads for the enterprise

Linspire, the Linux company formerly known as Lindows, is to release an enterprise version of its Linspire Desktop. It will be the company's first foray into the corporate market.

Linspire Professional will address the Linux enterprise desktop, currently ruled over by Red Hat and SuSE. According to one report, it won't be a new version of Linux but an updated revision of Linspire's consumer distribution.

It will though retain the company's Click 'n' Run (CNR) ease-of-use features. The CNR feature enables the user to both find and download applications and updates, while the enterprise version gives more power to administrators to, for example, manage systems remotely and to lock them down.

Among other enterprise-level features are the enforcement of a common document storage location. One report quoted Linspire CTO Tom Welch as saying: "We focus on business productivity type add-ons such as MailMinder, Hot Words, and Lassist."

The OS will include a rich toolset to manage client desktop package deployments via a browser-based interface, and this, along with software licence management is, according to Welch, what will encourage enterprises to use the Linspire product.