New keylogger can record mouse clicks

A new, advanced keylogging trojan targeting users of financial Web sites can record mouseclicks as well as keystrokes, warns PC Tools.

The trojan, a variant of PWSteal.Bancos.Q, has so far affected only Brazilian banking sites, but is likely to spread, according to PC Tools' malware research centre which discovered the trojan last week.

The trojan monitors users Internet usage, collects all login information entered by users on financial Web sites via mouseclicks and keystrokes and then sends that information back to the author of the trojan.

PC Tools spokesperson Magida Ezzat said there have been over 100 attacks every two days since the trojan was discovered.

"The signature update has gone out to all Spyware Doctor users. We have reported the new variant to the Federal Police who have notified Interpol," she said.

"Many online banking sites have instituted the use of virtual keyboards in an effort to avoid keylogger infections. With this new variant of the keylogger threat, however, PC Tools cautions this security measure may not be sufficient," said Ezzat. More information about the threat can be found at: