Optical character recognition software: ScanSoft OmniPage Pro 14.0 Office

Converting your paper documents to data files can reduce the chance of losing them and cut back the time it takes to search for them and or create new versions. ScanSoft’s OmniPage Pro 14.0 Office does this with an interface similar to its predecessor’s but a brand-new OCR engine some four years in the making underneath.

Click here to view a screen shot.

ScanSoft claims that it’s 35 per cent more accurate than version 12.0. The Office version now features much improved workflow management, letting you stack up documents to be automatically scanned and processed in Unattended mode. The new Document Manager displays the status of your work in progress.

Improvements include an uncanny ability to retain complicated page layouts, including text that flows around an irregular outline. Recognised documents can be saved directly as PDF or XML files, plus WAV audio and e-book formats. You can convert existing documents into searchable PDFs and then change them back into editable documents with no need for Acrobat Distiller.

ScanSoft has now also included speech support. You can have OmniPage read out the text it has recognised (at adjustable speeds) in a very passable voice. You can also use it during proofing to, say, confirm a suggested word or to initiate the batch mode processing.

Price: $1279 (retail box); Pro Office upgrade: $319
Vendor: ScanSoft Australia
Phone: 1300 306 570
URL: http://www.scansoft.com.au