Logitech's Wireless DJ System falls short

Device easy to use, but suffers from frequent audio dropouts

Here's a device -- the US$250 Logitech Wireless DJ System that promises an easy way to play the tunes stored on your PC through your stereo speakers, with no wireless network required. I looked at a shipping version of the product, and while I appreciated the easy setup and the fact that I didn't have to spring for a router, it didn't quite live up to my expectations.

The joy of the Wireless DJ System is its simple setup: Install the included software on your PC, attach its wireless transmitter to a USB port on your computer, and then connect its wireless receiver to your stereo with the included RCA cables.

Once you install its StreamPoint software on your computer, it identifies which audio players your machine has; the device plays any files that are associated with iTunes, Musicmatch, or Windows Media Player. The system also will stream music from the Rhapsody and Yahoo Music Unlimited services, as well as from Internet radio stations.

The hardware includes a remote control with a 2-inch display that shows a menu for artists, albums, songs, Internet radio stations, and playlists created with your desktop music apps. The remote has a clickable scroll wheel for quick navigation through long lists; volume controls; and the standard fast-forward, rewind, and play/pause buttons. It also has a button for accessing the remote's own playlist.

Where the Wireless DJ System stumbled most in my tests was on audio delivery. Though the sound quality was fine, frequent dropouts occurred, probably due to wireless interference in my urban neighborhood. Most dropouts lasted only a fraction of a second, but a few occasionally occurred in quick succession, severely impacting my enjoyment of the music.

If you can steer clear of wireless interference, the Logitech Wireless DJ System presents an easy way to enjoy your digital music collection. But if you want seamless audio delivery, keep looking.

Logitech Wireless DJ System
Rating:70 -- good
Verdict:Device offers an easy way to stream music from a PC to your stereo without a wireless network, but it suffers from frequent audio dropouts.
Price when reviewed:US$250